2.10 Crowdfunding Updates & Cross Promotion 
Campaign Updates!

Crowdfunding updates is one of the most underutilized tools for all creators. Crowdfunding cross promotion is a tool that all creators should be taken advantage of. AFter all were all after the same thing. More Backers!

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As I previously said, on todays episode I will be explaining how to properly use updates for your crowdfunding campaign, and I will speak a little bit on cross promotion within those updates!

For those of you that don’t update, or know about updates, within your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign there is a section to let your backers know what exactly is going on.

A common misconception is that this is used strictly for notifying your backers about goal accomplishments and order fulfillment after your campaign has ended. I recommend you treat it more as an email newsletter throughout your campaign.

Updating your backers as you go along with content. Not just goal accomplishments. When building your email list you don’t just email them every once in awhile do you?

If you do, your doing it wrong. You should be updating your backers every 2-3 days. Before I explain why, I want to make sure you understand that by updating your backers, or anytime you post an update to your campaign that Kickstarter or Indiegogo emails everyone of your backers.

If you’ve backed a campaign you know what im talking about. When you receive an email from Kickstarter or Indiegogo about the campaign you backed its usually because the creator just posted an update. This alone is already a useful tool because you basically have an email list without having them convert through a lead magnet or opt in. I want you to keep this in mind as we go forward with todays episode. Every backer, from your campaign will receive an email. Meaning every backer from other campaigns receive that same email.

If you truly want to build a community through your campaign and after, which you do. Than you should be updating once every 2-3 days. You will have your standard updates like goal accomplishments. And you can plan these and write these in advance so that way you wont have to trouble yourself with building these updates throughout the campaign.

Goal accomplishments don’t mean you finally reached your goal. It can be simple things like hey we now have over 10,000 views on our campaign video! Or hey were a quarter of the way to our crowdfunding goal. And of course the half way mark and the eventually funding of your campaign.

Other updates you could include would be behind the scene photos. Licking stamps, or a recent company outing, or even a blooper reel from the making of your crowdfunding video. There is another one! Make another video about the making of your crowdfunding video!

Do interviews with your staff or people that are helping with your campaign. Share those with your audience. A great way is if you have any brand ambassadors, you know famous people, whether their internet famous or actually famous it doesn’t matter. Interview them. Ask them a series of questions to share with your backers, and alert them to the fact that this is posted on your campaign updates that way their more inclined to share as well.

Every time you receive new media coverage on a blog or a forum or in the actual news! Share with your backers. If there is a recent blog post or news article about something going on in your niche, share it via an update. And for double points, make sure you take a screen shot of the article, and tweet it out at the writer of that article. You never know, maybe he would be inclined to write an article about your campaign in return.

You can even make a video blog where you post each day thanking your backers, or explaining what your going through, aka crowdfunding addiction! Checking your email box daily, constantly hitting refresh on your campaign page checking for new backers. It does get addicting so share that!

Post an update to your backers to make a quick video about why they backed you, or how excited they’re going to be to receive your product or what they plan to do first when they do receive your product. When they start sending the video’s in, post them in your updates!

You can also use the updates to share the story of how you came up with this idea! The journey from concept to now, ask your manufacturer to send a pic of their assembly line or however they make the product that way you can share that with your audience as well.

Of course you can post when the funding goals hit, and different milestones you set for yourself and a team. Cover everyone’s back stories, make more videos, even if their just fun ones. Host a question and answer via periscope or meerkat on a certain day each week so people can not only ask you questions in the comment, they can ask you questions live.

Updates is one of the most underutilized tools in my opinion when it comes to running a crowdfunding campaign. For my clients and my campaigns I turn the updates into a blog throughout the entire campaign. Gives you the chance to try different approaches and different strategies to promote sharing and build a community of backers so you can launch a second campaign in the future.

Now lets talk about sharing. Your main goal besides provide your audience with interesting content is to provoke your backers to share. The best way to get your backers to share is by giving them an incentive. How do you do that?

Start an affiliate program! For those of you that don’t know what an affiliate program is ill give a quick breakdown. An affiliate program is where you offer your backers the chance to upgrade their reward to a higher tier in the event they get so many people to back. For example, if your creating a new type of sunglasses and your backers are backing for one pair, if they get ten, or five, or whatever number you deem fit here, if they get more people to back your campaign then they get an upgrade to your next reward level which might be 2 pair of sunglasses. Makes sense, let them sale for you.

Now with that in mind, don’t ask for 100. If you raise the number to large, then people will think its impossible to reach. It has to be an obtainable goal and depending on the price of your rewards that obtainable goal is completely up to you. Just remember if you ask to much, they will lose interest quickly.

Affiliate program to complex? It might be for some and if that’s the case then you can simply add share buttons and icons to your updates. You should have these regardless of whether you set up your own affiliate program or not. You can have banners made at Fiverr.com for 5 bucks. Or you can make them yourself with Canva.com

Your banners and images that you will use to entice people to share should have urls or links to the Facebook share code or click to tweets. The click to tweets are easy and you can make those at ClickToTweet.com After you sign in with your twitter account to ClickToTweet.com you can pick your own 140 character message, don’t forget to include your twitter handle so you’re notified every time someone shares or tweets about your campaign. And most importantly remember to thank them when they do so.

As for the Facebook share code, You can find that in the show notes at CrowdFundGenius.com Ill post the share code their, all you have to do is add your link to the end of the already existing URL. Then copy and paste or attach to any image you use in your updates.

Another way you can get backers to share is by throwing up a landing page and hosting an off Kickstarter contest. Almost like a stretch goal. Okay real quick breakdown of a stretch goals. Stretch goals for those that don’t know are goals to entice backers to share or upgrade their rewards so that you can go even further after reaching your crowdfunding goal.

For example, my goal for my pretend sunglasses was 4,000. I’ve hit that goal so why do people care to keep sharing and helping me fund more if they already know their going to receive their reward? Because now if we hit 10,000 dollars I will gladly throw in a sunglasses case! For each campaign your stretch goal will be different. You can add colors, t-shirts, upgrades etc… Just make sure you account for that extra cost before you launch your campaign.

Okay so back to our off site social media contest. Why off site, because Kickstarter doesn’t allow contests for some absurd reason. But you can throw up a landing page, with a social share counter, and let your backers know when you get to 1000, 3000, or even 10,000 shares that you will upgrade everyone’s rewards, you don’t have to go that far, its just an example. You could add colors, maybe you already planned to do different colors. When you launch your campaign offer just one color, and then use your social sharing contest to introduce the new colors, sizes etc..

Other good ideas for your social sharing contest is having a launch party, international shipping, free shipping if you can afford it, free stickers, any type of shwag as long as its related to your niche.

So we’ve covered some of the things you could post updates about, how often to post updates, and how to get your backers to share. We talked about share buttons that you should include in every update.

Now lets touch on cross promotion. If you’re a first time creator you might not know or maybe you’ve heard about the annoying spam messages you will receive once your campaign goes live. Some of those messages include, check out our promotion services, or PR services, etc… Some work some don’t, approach these with caution. But you will also get messages from other campaigns looking to cross promote. Probably in the form of “Hey come check out my campaign,” or” your campaign looks great, check out mine.” Don’t ignore these, check them out, specifically the number of backer they already have if any.

If its worth it, which I don’t see to many times its not, respond. Ask them if they would be interested in posting an update on behalf of your campaign and you will do the same for them. Its simple really, you post your regularly scheduled update and then you say hey, check out these cool campaigns that have joined our team to spread the word. Or hey check out what were backing on Kickstarter. Anything along those lines.

You post an update to your backers, and remember, that’s the equivalent of sending an email to every single backer. And they will post an update to their backers again sending an email to every single one of their backers in return. I had a buddy who applied this same method to his campaign Belay Chords. He was able to cross promote with the NOKE smart lock and was able to raise over 20 grand in a single day from this cross promotion effort. Also my favorite campaign to talk about and last weeks episode, Bomber Barrel. If you go and check their updates, its littered with cross promotion, and not just one campaign per update but multiple campaigns per update. They closed out at over 400K in funding.

It works people, don’t’ be discouraged if you don’t get a ton of backers right away, remember, were all creators after one common thing. More backers! You never know if that campaign you cross promoted with will receive coverage by Tech Crunch or another major news source and receive a huge flood of backers. Its worth it to try right?

And if you want to get super creative, do interviews with the campaign creators you’re cross promoting with. Ask them why your backers should buy their product, what makes it different.

Again Ill post an example of the Bomber Barrel cross promotion in our show notes at CrowdFundGenius.com

That’s all we have for today!

Happy Crowdfunding!

ZacBob Out!


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