2.11 Crowdfunding Resource Backershub

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On this episode we have another crowdfunding resource. BackersHub! BackersHub is a community of repeat backers built by Dwight. This community consists of an email list with over 10K subscribers and a Facebook Group. If you’re interested in advertising your next crowdfunding campaign, they’re a must see!

Check out BackersHub.com!

Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Dwight Peters purchased a one way plane ticket from New York to San Francisco with intent to start a business.
  • BackersHub was launched in October 2013 and now has over 10,000 subscribed backers on their weekly news letter and well over 4,200 backers on their private Facebook group.
  • BackersHub helps campaign creators tap into organic community of repeat Kickstarter backers that gives them the best shot of finding funding.
  • 60 percent of Kickstarter‘s revenue comes from repeat backers.
  • BackersHub works with new campaigns that are about to launch and  helps get them in front of their community and backers.
  • Campaigns are screened prior to be selected to BackersHub to ensure it gives subscribed backers the best value from selected campaigns.
  • It’s free for backers to join BackersHub.
  • Backers receive rewards, incentives, early bird specials, news letters, weekly notifications, weekly give aways for Kickstarter funded products, and they are also provided exclusive deals that give up to 20 to 50 percent off of Kickstarter funded projects.
  • Assists over 30 campaigns a month!
  • BackersHub provides 3 sets of packages:
    • Facebook Promotion Group Package with over 4,200 backers who post products received, product reviews, ask questions about campaigns.
    • Newsletter Promotion in which you’ll be featured in BackersHub weekly news letter which features 4 – 5 campaigns which go’s out to over 10,000 subscribed backers. ( Includes Facebook Promotion Group Package )
    • Hardcore Bundle Package which your campaign is featured exclusively in BackersHub news letter.                                                                                                          ( Includes Facebook Promotion Group Package & News Letter Promotion )


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