2.12 CAMpanion raises 60K thru Kickstarter

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CAMpanion explains how there campaign for a GoPro mount has raised over $60K on Kickstarter & how to contact press for your Kickstarter campaign. All new case study! How to run a crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • CAMpanion campaign was able to raise over $60,130 dollars.
  • CAMpanion is a mount for the GoPro camera that attaches to all smartphones and cases ( exception of silicon cases).
  • CAMpanion was designed for use as an every day camera for GoPro cameras to connect with smartphones for easier shooting of videos and stills on your smart phone screen.
  • With the CAMpanion mount; You can now use your GoPro in dim-lighting settings utilizing your smartphone flashlight.
  • CAMpanion reached their crowdfunding goal in less than 4 days after launching their campaign.
  • CAMpanion was also a strong supporter / backer of the KaliPAK campaign on Kickstarter.
  • KaliPAK is a Revolutionary Lightweight Portable Energy Generator that uses Folding Solar Panels.
  • Utilizing their $5 dollar rewards package; CAMpanion collaborated with FABLAB on their campaign to create a 3D module of their CAMpanion mount for supporters who backed them on their $5 dollar rewards package.
  • 1 lucky backer ( Sarah ) purchased the $10,00o dollars CAMpanion baller package reward. Sarah will be able to join the CAMpanion team on a 1 week exotic trip to the Greek islands of Karpathos.
  •  Can be located on the following Facebook page link.


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