2.13 Crowdfunding Resource “400K Crowdfunding Course”

The $400K Crowdfunding Course!

Eli from Mad Hatter Agency comes on to talk about his best selling crowdfunding course on Udemy titled “The 400K Crowdfunding Course.” Eli will explain what is inside the crowdfunding course and offers a special price to CFG fans! 


Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Eli Regalado is a highly established entrepreneur who is an expert Crowdfunding Consultant and Adviser for anyone looking to launch a Crowdfunding campaign!
  • Conducted meetings with the CEO and Co-Founder Slava Rubin from the worlds 2nd largest Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.
  • Has assisted clientele in raising over 1 Million dollars within the Crowdfunding community via their campaigns utilizing his assistance, expertise, and vast knowledge of the intricacies / nuances of Crowdfunding.
  • Created online course titled “The 400K Crowdfunding Course” which can be located on Udemy.
  • “The 400K Crowdfunding Course” Course provides:
    • Over 54 lectures and 4.5 hours of exclusive content!
    • Learn how to leverage existing crowdfunding projects to drive traffic to you!
    • Learn how to reach out and recruit influencers for your project
    • Create a mountain of buzz before you ever launch
    • Write a video script that generates backers
    • All of these practices, tools, and tips are guerrilla marketing tactics that can be used to market your business or project
  • “The 400K Crowdfunding Course” also teaches how to build your email list to raise over $100,000 dollars or more.
  • Course cost $289 dollars but with the assistance of Crowdfund Genius you can receive a limited time offer coupon code for $100 dollars by contacting Crowdfund Genius or ZacBob.
  • Focus on feasibility of other Kickstarter campaigns, most claimed perks / rewards, Media engagement / support, and Green Inbox.
  • Close associate James Olander ran a successful Crowdfunding campaign titled “The Roost Laptop Stand” on Kickstarter that raised over $785,724 dollars.                  (The Roost Laptop Stand)
  • You can reach Eli Regalado via telephone number: 720-253-3340 or email him at eli@madhatteragency.com.


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