2.14 Crowdfunding Social Media Strategies

Social Media

How to run a crowdfunding campaign? In this episode I go over some of the social media tips and tricks you might have missed or not thought of yet when it comes to the big 3. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I discuss how you can cross promote with other crowdfunding campaigns and how you can leverage Facebook ads to set you up for success when your crowdfunding campaign goes live!

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Welcome back for another episode. Sorry we didn’t have a Monday episode or a CrowdFund Genius Live episode last week. Brandon and I are coaching little league football and we had our first tournament this weekend and opening ceremonies were last Friday. Therefore we either had to let our audience down or the kids down and we choose the audience. Sorry.

Other than that we had a blast over the weekend, I hope this previous weekend was as much fun for you.

So this week, today we have our Crowdfunding social media episode and this Friday we will have a new crowdfunding resource. Ill give you a hint it’s a forum. A very popular crowdfunding forum. That’s all I will say, you have to tune in Friday morning to find out.

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So lets jump into todays episode and talk about social media strategies for a crowdfunding campaign. Now there are several different strategies, and several different methods and ideas that probably work and will work for different types of crowdfunding campaigns. Each product, each service, each crowdfunding campaign has a different audience or different type of person who would be interested in that product or service.

So please keep that in mind while I’m doing todays episode, I know your going to be sitting there saying, Oh I’ve heard that before or Oh that’s not how so and so’s campaign did it. And if that’s you, Comment! Send me a tweet, let me know, I would love to talk to you about it! So today I’m going to talk about the big three. Or what I consider the big three when it comes to Social Media.



& Instagram.

Again this is the big three, and what I deem the most common social media platforms to broadcast your message. And the reason for this is that they are the most commonly used and easiest to use. If you’re audience is teenagers you might consider Snapchat, but if your audience is older, my age, in their thirties than Facebook and Instagram would work. Everyone’s on Twitter already, but its more for blasting and reaching out, I look at a twitter as a way to communicate with brand ambassadors, and other crowdfunding campaigns.

Yes you can blast your message there, but at the same time, I wouldn’t expect to much from your Hootsuite or Buffer account as far as actually getting leads from twitter. But again you can use twitter to reach out. You could play with periscope and schedule weekly webinars if you’re campaign involves teaching, even if the weekly webinars/periscopes are just to showcase how your product works its still a great way to utilize periscope, since its becoming this emerging force.

Hashtags are very popular on Instagram and Twitter. So make sure you utilize a hashtags every chance you get. This is where you follow or go take a look at some of those successful campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. A week before you launch your Twitter, check out what they’re putting out on their Twitter accounts. See which tweets are getting interaction and keep a log for at least a week of each twitter account. Record how many tweets a day, tweet times, like time of the day they’re tweeting. Images? Videos? Log everything, and most importantly that interaction, whose retweeting, favoriting etc. What hashtags are they using? You can use Twitonomy again to answer some of these questions, but nothing is better than actually following them over the course of a week. And you can easily set that up by adding all these crowdfunding campaigns to a Twitter list. So you can check them daily.

Don’t forget to put out your own content on Twitter too. Hashtags again! Use them! Photos, Videos, & quotes! All great ways to get started, you can even further and add images of the individual your quoting to increase your re-tweets by about 35%. Another quick add to get bonus points with your followers, follow the Gary Vee method of sending a video to each and every new twitter follower, thanking them for following you on twitter. You can do this same rule, or send the same video to everyone who follows you on Instagram!

Okay so we talked a little about Twitter and methods of promotion and how you can promote your crowdfunding campaign through those channels. Now lets talk about Instagram.

Instagram is a great way to showcase your product or service especially if its visually pleasing. Or pretty. So again lets follow the previous method on twitter, find campaigns with Instagram accounts and how are they promoting? But don’t stop here, don’t just make a list of crowdfunding campaigns and follow them for a week on Instagram, go further by making a list of top brands already in your niche. If your crowdfunding shoes, than follow Nike, see what content they’re putting out. If your making a clutch or handbag for the ladies, than follow the major brands for purses, coach, Louis Vuitton and the other purse brands.

Again contact the campaigns you’re following on Instagram, share on their behalf anytime you can whether that’s on twitter or Instagram, even if your campaign is not live yet. Later they can always post to their Instagram followers about your campaign as well. Think about last weeks cross promotion episode, that’s the type of strategy, your going to take with Instagram. Contact campaigns that are live, or about to go live and ask them if they would send you an image and the link to their campaign so you can share it. After they send you the first image, ask if there are anymore, indicating that you plan to share more than once, and that you’re trying to genuinely help them raise funds for their cause. After sharing, that’s when you let them know your running a crowdfunding campaign in the near future and hopefully when your campaign goes live they would return the favor by sharing a few posts with their Instagram followers.

Hashtags! I love hashtags on Instagram even more than I do on Twitter. Because crowdfunding and Kickstarter related hashtags are not to many to handle or view on Instagram, where as on Twitter every 5 seconds there is a new Kickstarter hashtag. So every time you post, you write your message about your post, but don’t put the hashtags here. Instead add all the hashtags in the comments. For example, I’m posting a picture of a crowdfunding campaign were recording a video for, and instead of posting “recording a video for a crowdfunding campaign #Crowdfunding #Kickstarter,” I would instead just cut it short with “recording a video for a crowdfunding campaign” finish and then post the image, then I would go back in and comment on my own post with popular hashtags. I like to do this because it doesn’t clutter my post with a ton of hashtags that are visible for everyone, and after 5 people comment on the post you can no longer see my original comment overloaded with hashtags. You can again use Twitonomy to find popular hashtags, and if these brands have both an Instagram and twitter account chances are they are posting the same hashtags so Twitonomy comes in handy.

One last tip in regards to Instagram. While your cross promoting and offering giveaways to build your email list try adding a location. And I don’t mean your home, your dorm room or where your currently at when this photo is being uploaded. I’m talking about the infamous “Link in the bio” So for those of you that don’t know, Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks on their posts, in the comments or anywhere. So a lot of creators and entrepreneurs are moving to the “Link in the bio” so anyone who wants to reference their website, lead magnet or their crowdfunding campaign, they just put the hyperlink in the bio, and then under location services, or the tag for the location, just write in “link in the bio” and add it as a custom location. So now anyone seeing your photo of your brand new “thing a majig” will see link in the bio at the top of the post allowing them to go to your website if they choose to do so, they will see your image, that you used Canva.com to make, and if you signed up for Canva for work 9.99 a month than you can automatically create images for FB, Twitter, and Instagram all at the same time. Its worth it! And the hashtags are in the comments, not the actually post, so you have this clean thought out approach to your Instagram approach.

Facebook! I feel like the clouds should part and a voice should come bellowing in when I say Facebook! Its easily the largest social media platform, and the rumor is that age 45-65 are flocking to Facebook meaning Facebook is just getting bigger and bigger and just about including every age demographic in existence.

So you want to advertise on Facebook, you find some campaigns to cross promote with and now your posting on each others behalf. And your reaching like 14% of the audience… It sucks! Unless you already have a following that’s engaging on Facebook your best bet is paid ads. And I don’t want to see you launching your paid ads the same day you launch your crowdfunding campaign and here’s why.

You need to run ads in advance, and run ads for conversion not clicks or engagement. Why? Because if you run ads for conversion you can at least run these ads to help build your email list. If you have a lead magnet or a PDF or a video or some sort of opt in to attract users to sign up for your email list than use Facebook ads to promote it. You can use Woobox’s Sweepstakes if you cant come up with anything on your own. So we run these ads in advance, and remember to place the conversion pixel on your thank you page, the thank you page for opting in to your email list that way Facebook can actually track the conversion. Trust me I learned this hard way and after blowing $350 on FB ads. A quick breakdown on Facebook ads, you have campaigns, ad sets, and the ad sets is where you start playing with the audiences, and you want to create several, and I mean several, 20, 30, 100 ad sets. Different audiences for different reasons, maybe one ad set audience is people interested in Kickstarter, and another ad set is for people interested in your niche. But you want a huge variety of audiences because once you launch your ads, each day, you will check your insights and Facebook ad analytics and see whose clicking, or whose converting, and then the ad sets that aren’t converting, and just wasting your time, start eliminating them. Get this down to a science, by doing this you will be able to eliminate ad sets, or audiences who you thought would be interested in your product or service but really are not. Because each day, each week your eliminating more of these ad sets or audiences and eventually you will get it down to a few audiences that really convert and really are interested. So when your campaign goes live your not wasting money on audiences who are not interested.

Again Canva.com or Canva for work, 9.99 a month can be used to build your image posts within Facebook. Remember you can always share others content using the tool snip.ly we talked about in a previous episode this season. Also check your niche, see if there are pages or Facebook groups that have an active crowd. So it doesn’t hurt to check out the pages of those you wish to cross promote with, and even Kickstarter, get active in the comments on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo pages. Throw your two cents out there and start networking on these locations to help build your list and your crowd.

Hootsuite is what I use to schedule my posts, and they just added Instagram integration so I highly recommend Hootsuite, but if that doesn’t work for you and you’re looking for cheaper options, check out Buffer App, and Meet Edgar. I think Quick Sprout is another one but a bit pricey. Remember to sit down and plan out your social media calendar. Take a look at some of the quirky holidays you might be able to piggyback on, like entrepreneur day etc… If there’s a holiday, have images and videos planned to post to your followers.

Plan out your posts every month. The week before a new month were always busy here at CrowdFund Genius planning our posts for the following month. Were working on a step by step guide on how to run these types of Facebook ads, and video tutorials on Canva.com and everything we talked about in todays episode. Its all wrapped up in our Crowdfunding Game Plan. Which will be our first information product that were releasing. We opened up the Crowdfunding Game Plan back in May for a few select individuals to try it out for their crowdfunding campaigns. And we plan to open it again here soon. We spent all summer revising the Game Plan and adding a ton of tutorials for everyone to learn from.

We also plan to have bi-weekly webinars for anyone that purchases the Game Plan and you get access to me, in the private Facebook group we’ve set up for just our Game Plan clients.

So not only are you buying into your future and your future success at crowdfunding, but your also purchasing a membership, a lifetime membership to CrowdFund Genius were you have access to me, ZacBob, access to Brandon, and any other community members who purchase the game plan and are looking for serious partners to cross promote with.

So if this sounds like something you would be interested in, sign up for our email list at CrowdFundGenius.com. Or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our newest social media presence. Snapchat! Because I’m sure we will be announcing on those channels when we open up the Game Plan again. It will be for a limited time when it goes back on sale, and it will be at a pretty big discount for everyone.

So remember to follow us on all of our social media channels, and get your social media channels started immediately because your wasting time by not growing your list and following now. I don’t care if you don’t even have an idea yet for a crowdfunding campaign, you should be growing that list and that following. Start helping other crowdfunders with their campaign, volunteer to intern for them so you can be up and front on a crowdfunding campaign and learning the ropes, making mistakes now so you want make them later.

Or you can go back to what you always do, working 9-5, binge watching the next hot series on Netflix or playing Call of Duty for the next 15 hours. Just don’t complain to me when you fall into that 90% fail rate when it comes to crowdfunding.

For the rest of you ready to take action, lets do this. Let me know how I can help and ask me a question for CrowdFund Genius Live, every Friday evening on Meerkat and Periscope and every Monday on YouTube. Just look me up, ZacBob.

I’ll end this episode with a question. Send me a tweet @CrowdFundGenius to let me hear your responses.

How much money do you think you need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Happy Crowdfunding.

ZacBob Out!