2.15 Crowdfunding Resource: Kickstarter Forum

Kickstarter Forum

Sal has been in the crowdfunding scene for awhile with his popular forum for Kickstarter. KickstarterForum.org has a ton of case studies, creators looking for cross promotion & plenty of eyes to review your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. 

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Crowdfunding Takeaways


Q1: What is the best tip that you can give to any creator, any inventor, or any future crowdfunder that’s listening right now to help them fund a successful crowdfunding campaign?

A: The best bit of advice would be not to try and reinvent the wheel. Crowdfunding and Kickstarter are interesting topics. If you’re going to learn about a static subject such as physics or chemistry you’re going to learn about that in school but in the real world you have to find people who have gone through a similar experience as you in order to plan effectively. Find somebody who has failed the first time with their campaign and relaunched and were successful. Find somebody in the same category as you that you might have a similar project.  Seek out individuals with projects and really study then to see where they got their jumps in traffic, who promoted them, what their video reward tiers look like. You can do that on KickstarterForum.org and you can also ask questions directly to people there who are running these projects. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Go out there and study some industry example and if possible make connections and get in contact with these individuals.


Q2: What part of your forum seems to be the most popular section or most popular topic from your Kickstarter forum or even your crowdfunding forum? 

A: It varies but I would say people are sharing updates and stories is the most popular section. I think there is a biased towards people who are trying to promote their own project; Which is natural. I think the most valuable section though is the questions and tips that people are posting. A lot of the times that comes out when people are sharing their story or updates realizing that maybe this change in messages or added reward to engage backers is the kind of information that I really like to read.



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