2.19 Crowdfunding Solar Energy with SunPort

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How to run a Crowdfunding campaign? SunPort was able to raise 100K through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Listen in as Paul shows us how to take a never before seen product and raise 100K on Kickstarter. 

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Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Paul Droege has been in the electrical industry for the past 30 years and is a expert power engineer by trade.
  • SunPort is a solar adaptive device that you can plug into any outlet that records your energy usage and automatically matches the energy you use with solar credits without having to purchase expensive solar panels.
  • SunPort ran a Kickstarter campaign and was able to reach their pledged funding goal in less than 30 days and were able to raise a total of $120,599 dollars for their campaign.
  • SunPort product also comes with an App that you can download to your IOS or Android device that can allow you to measure the electricity used by your phone or tablet as well as many other features.
  • The highest performing reward level was the single unit package which sold out as well as their 4 pack unit which also sold out!
  • Partnered with the DevClub to help get their App software developed.
  • Technica Communications as well as Fast Company worked with SunPort to help build exposure for the product over the course of the campaign.
  • Won a pitch competition at South By Southwest Fallon Starter Kit which is a big advertising agency out of Minneapolis which helped push SunPort‘s company.

Q1: What is the one thing that you wish you knew before you launched your Kickstarter campaign? 

A: I wish I knew was the intensity of the interaction that we would have. We knew it would be there but didn’t know how much dialog that would be or how much time it would take. We were working 18 hour days throughout the entire campaign. If I knew that we probably would have spent a little more time getting things ironed out earlier. It would have affected our schedule and our over all plan. It was a great experience having all that interaction but we would have planned a little better for that.

Q2: What is the best tip or best advice that you can give to any Crowdfunder, creator, entrepreneur, or inventor listening right now hoping to accomplish their very own Crowdfunding campaign?

A: Figure out how much time you think it’s going to take you to get ready and double it. Preparation is definitely the key and another thing is in that preparation is get your message together early and make sure that video just has it. Our video was the key. It broke through with so many people and caught so many peoples attention. By the time time they got to the end of the video they understood what we were trying to do and got the concept. You have to have a strong video. Spend the time it takes to really nail it on the overall campaign!


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