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How to run a crowdfunding campaign? Crowdfunding Resource Funded. Today explains their free up front service and how it can help your crowdfunding campaign reach new heights like Trunkster did. 

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Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord are cofounders of Funded Today; which is a highly successful consulting business that helps entrepreneurs looking to run a successful Crowdfunding campaign on various campaign platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
  • Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord have assisted Crowdfunding campaign users raise over 31 million dollars on Kickstarter alone.
  • After their campaign had launched and was having difficulties meeting their Crowdfunding goal: FreeWavz hired Funded Today to help assist their company run their Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and they were able to raise over $325,208 dollars utilizing their expertise, guidance, and knowledge.
  • If selected; You can hire consultants from Funded Today to assist you with your Crowdfunding campaign for “Free” with a no money down / no upfront cost guarantee policy. Once and only after your campaign has concluded “successfully”; then will you have to pay a 35% service charge of the campaigns total earnings. If your project does not reach it’s Crowdfunding goal they receive zilch!
  • Most crowdfunding competitors charge an upfront charge!
  • Articulate Clutch utilized Funded Today services and ran their campaign on Kickstarter with a proposed pledge goal of $10,000 dollars. Articulate Clutch wound up raising $61,289 dollars!
  • Another client “Trunkster” acquired Funded Today services and raised over $1,395, 370 dollars on Kickstarter with their campaign.
  • Funded Today has never taken on a project on Kickstarter that has not been successful based off their vigorous selection process!

Q1: What is the best tip or best advice that you can give to any Crowdfunder, creator, entrepreneur, or inventor listening right now hoping to accomplish their very own Crowdfunding campaign?

A: ( Thomas ) Don’t fall too much in love with your idea; Like dating. It might be a bad idea. The thing is often as an entrepreneur myself I fallen into the rut that I’ve had an idea where I feel it’s the greatest idea that’s going to rock it and make a million dollars and the reality is that it’s just not the case. A serial entrepreneur that might not be their mindset. Don’t think that it has to be this or nothing else. If it doesn’t work then go onto the next idea. If you look at the projects that crushed it on Kickstarter most of those projects were items that millions of consumers already use on a daily basis that were tweaked and made better by their Crowdfunding campaigns.

A: ( Zach ) I think the most valuable bit of advice is to do your homework. When you do a Kickstarter project; I don’t necessarily think it’s a good idea to try and reinvent the wheel. There is a lot of good stuff on Kickstarter. Even Trunkster is a really amazing project but there’s a probably a few things that you could tweak in their campaign as well. Now if your Steve Jobs and can create something amazing then all the more power to you but it’s so much better to look at a great idea and say what can we do to make it just a little bit better. By doing that you can resonate with the Kickstarter market.

Q2: How can our audience go about getting in contact with you Zach or you Thomas if they have some questions about Kickstarter or Funded Today?

A: ( Zach ) So for general questions it’s real easy; an email works: support@funded.today. Now if you want to go ahead and submit your project to see if it’s a good fit for our marketing services whether we tell you yes, no, or maybe. You can go to our website: http://www.funded.today/. Now that’s if you already have a project already on Kickstarter and you’re looking to hire us for our marketing services. Now if you have no idea how to make a video or how to write adcopy but all you have is this idea but you want to go into Kickstarter we do dabble in putting that together for you. We have a system where we can make your video for you and write all your adcopy. We do charge upfront for all those things.  We don’t really like to do all those services but because of all the projects we have done and different projects we’ve analyzed we have a good format will work as a successful template to launching your Kickstarter project. For those services which cost $4,000 dollars for a video and $3,000 dollars for us to put together the rest of your page. That includes all design work, all video, all actors, etc.


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