Building Your Email List for a Crowdfunding Campaign

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This is another “how to” episode were ZacBob talks about how to build an email list for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. We discuss newsletters, what to release leading up to your crowdfunding campaign. We also go over different strategies to collect email lists and one particular tool that helps build your list FAST!

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Today were going to talk about building your audience. If you launch without an audience and are meet by crickets. Than what did you expect? Did you think Kickstarter or Indiegogo was going to tell people about your campaign before you launched?

This is the reason that crowdfunding has a 90% fail rate the first time around. People don’t take the time to build that following, or that audience, or more importantly that email list before launching crowdfunding campaign. If you haven’t developed a crowd and are hoping to have this huge campaign success. Than you’re going to need some money for paid advertisement or you’re probably not going to be successful.

So today were going to teach you not to become another statistic, and how to build your email list and why you should build your email list before launching your campaign.

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Im going to take a real quick second to explain what an email list is. An email list is exactly what it sounds like, a list of emails, mainly of individuals who are interested in your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, or interested in your products or services. But why an email list if you have their Facebook accounts, or Twitter handles? Because changing your email is a bitch. You’re more likely to change your phone number, move houses, cancel and restart a new Facebook account or any social media accounts before you would go about changing your email address. Think about it.

But ZacBob, What do I do after I start collecting email addresses. Well there’s several different things you could do. Recently I interviewed Michael Katz on my other podcast “Crowdfunding Comebacks.” He’s been in the email marketing game since the first Internet bubble of the early 2000’s. He explained quite a few strategies that I’m going to talk about today and few that I’m not. So make sure you check out that episode of “Crowdfunding Comebacks!

First, you could use that email list for building anticipation leading up to the launch of your crowdfunding campaign. If you’ve listened to anything that I’ve said overfunding is the key and you have to get that done within the first two days of launching your campaign. So you want to make sure your email list is primed and ready for that launch.

A few ways of doing that is using Surveys. I prefer You could build surveys going over your rewards, and add different prices and ask, how much would you pay for this reward level? Then give them the option A, B, C. Send it out to your email list and see who responds and what they’re answer is. This is a good way to not only introduce your reward levels to your email list but also test the market.

Ask for opinions on your crowdfunding video. After your video is made be sure to share a preview with your email list. Ask for feedback, get them engaged. Ask them what they thought of the video, if there was anything they didn’t understand. Most importantly make sure they even understood what you were offering or what the product is. Did they think the video was too long? Is there anything you should add in or take out of your crowdfunding video.

Show your email list behind the scenes footage of your office, house, employee’s, prototypes, original drawings of your product on a napkin from the local coffee shop. Show yourself testing out the product or service. If you have testimonials send that to your email list as well. Especially if you have a big name or an influencer that’s willing to go on video and share with your email list they’re experience with your product or service. Show the wins to your email list. If you finally got that piece in the mail to finish building your prototype, take a few pics of the mailing package and share it with your email list. Any images work great.

Prep your list a few weeks out for the early birds. Let them know your going to have an early bird special and you want them to know when your launching, so they can take full advantage because your going to be selling like dime bags at a Snoop Dogg concert so they better get in early or they’re going to be stuck paying full price after your early birds run out. Ask whose backing on day1? Keep count of those individuals who respond because this could also help you set your crowdfunding goal. Remember how I said you want to hit at least half or all of your goal on the first day to go viral. Now you at least have a rough idea on how many people actually plan to back on that first day. So use that number plus the price of your early birds or your product or service and now you know about where you should set your crowdfunding goal if you want to try an make your crowdfunding campaign go viral.

Alright, so we did a quick overview of what you should be releasing after you’ve built your email list. Now lets go over some ways to build your email list. The easiest way is to add a sign up form on your website. It could be a simple sign up for my newsletter. Collect the first name and email address. You can also add a sign up form to your Facebook business page. I’ll link to the article and how to in the show notes at

But don’t expect everyone to just jump in and flood to your email list simply because you added the form. You need to do something to capture those email lists. And it starts with an opt in. a simple PDF form will do fine. An example of what I use for an opt in, 5 free crowdfunding resources from around the website that offer free crowdfunding advice. And I also have a free e-book titled “1 million in funding, 13 campaigns, 1 question. What is the question?” In order to get either of these, you have to sign up for the email list.

I use which is free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails a month. That’s 12,000 emails you can send a month for free through there platform. Obviously you cant use my opt ins because you need to come up with one for your individual niche. Just yesterday I had a talk with Vee from BackLevel is planning a crowdfunding campaign for his pillow that supports your back. My advice to him was to put together a PDF that demonstrates 5 sleeping positions that will help support your back that you could be doing right now at home. Throw some images and place it all into a PDF file and you can then upload to Mailchimp. That’s just one example of an opt in. Again pay attention to your niche and what you think would be interesting. Ask around, see what others in your niche are doing. Go to a competitors website and see what they’re using for an opt in. And if they’re not capturing emails you already have a leg up on them. One more example could be the 5 best hotels with the best beds for back support. And to take it a step further. You can share the URL to that specific email list from Mailchimp. Share it on twitter and mention each hotel separately that made the list. Figure out how you can include other influencers into your opt in, so that they would be more inclined to repeat or share.

Okay moving on, you could also simply host a contest. Say that you have several prototypes to get rid of, or even want to offer a free giveaway. You could offer anyone that signs up for your email list a free coupon for your product if they sign up for your email list. Even if you don’t have prototypes you can offer this, let them know they wont get the product until after the campaign. Give away one a week, or one a month however you deem fit.

Another great tool is a opt in pop up. I currently use Monster opt in. You’ve seen these before, especially if you’ve been on the CrowdFund Genius website. These pop up with an offer every time someone navigates to the address bar and is about to leave your website. You can even set them to a timer to pop up every time someone has been looking at your website for more than 10-15 seconds. The settings for Monster Opt In are up to you. Now Monster Opt you have to pay for. But again in the show notes, at Ill add 10 more pop up opt ins that you can get for your website.

18 Pop up opt in plug ins

I’ve already explained a little about Mailchimp and its awesomeness. So now I’m going to give away one last tip that can help you build your email list quickly. This is a social media tool and you will need to have a few dollars or a few hundred dollars depending on how large you want to grow your list and how quickly.

WooBox. That is They have a large variety of interactive apps for social, email, mobile or web. And one app that is extremely effective is the sweepstakes. I believe Woobox is 29 or 39 dollars a month. That doesn’t include the paid Facebook ads or boost posts that you’ll have to run after starting this sweepstakes. But what makes this sweepstakes so awesome is what I’m about to explain next.

Get rid of the headache of fulfilling your orders to your backers with That way you can start planning your next crowdfunding campaign!

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So you built our beautiful Facebook ads using or you outsourced to it to an individual on Either way you have your ads ready to go for your Woobox sweepstakes. And here I am checking my newsfeed 32 times a day like every other Facebook user. And I notice your opt in for a chance to win your brand new deep space drone with a 4K camera. And I’m like hell yeah. So I click the ad and I proceed to opt in to be entered into the contest.

I’ve just finished the opt in, you’ve successfully collected my email address and I’ve successfully entered your sweepstakes. Now this is where it gets interesting. With Woobox Sweepstakes I’m now prompted to refer 3 friends, or 4 friends or 5 friends. If I do so, I will then get my name entered into the contest 3 or 5 or 20 more times. That’s what makes Woobox awesome. You’re running your Facebook ads for the one click, paying for that one click, but in return your going to get additional referrals and additional email addresses just by using Woobox. This is one of the fastest ways I know to grow your email list.

Another way would be to guest blog! That’s right, you can search the net for blogs in your niche. Share their blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. But again, just like before let them know that you’re sharing. Mention them in the tweet when you share the post. And after a few days of doing this, ask them if they would be interested in allowing you to guest blog. At the end of your blog have a call to action to visit your website, or have a link to your email list with the incredible opt in you’ve come up with.

Here’s the last way I’m going to mention. Make a list of all the crowdfunding campaigns in your niche. Search through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, all of them. Even the ones that failed. Take not of how many backers they had, especially the ones that failed. Create a questionnaire, or an interview format full of questions you think your backers would like to know about your product. Now proceed to interview everyone of those campaigns on your list. After the interview, via phone or email, ask if they would be interested in sharing a link to the blog post to their backers in a update. By doing this your not only going to get visitors to your website. You’re also going to get more visitors who have already backed a project in your niche.

Okay so that’s it for todays episode. I do have a favor to ask. If you liked this episode let me know. Leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher, or send me a tweet to @CrowdFundGenius. While your tweeting me be sure to ask a crowdfunding question. Especially if you have an upcoming campaign.

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Thanks for listening to this episode of CrowdFund Genius!

Happy Crowdfunding!

ZacBob out!