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Crowdfunding Resource Thunderclap. Chelsea, head of outreach at Thunderclap explains how to run a Thunderclap campaign so that it benefits your crowdfunding campaign. 

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Welcome back to another episode of CrowdFund Genius! Today I’m excited to bring you a different type of show. Awhile back, in February I had the idea to go out and interview some of the Crowdfunding services from around the web so you could have an idea of what services are out there and what they offer.

My original plan was to have an entire podcast of Crowdfunding Resources. But I was approached for the idea of Crowdfunding Comebacks and decided to roll with that instead.

But before I launched that show I had already recorded over a dozen interviews with different services and resources that can help you build or promote your crowdfunding campaign.

So today I’m finally releasing the episodes I had recorded months back. I hope you will enjoy the short interviews and learn a few things about the different services that are out there for you and your crowdfunding campaign.

Today our guest is Chelsea, head of outreach from Thunderclap. If you don’t know what Thunderclap is Ill give a quick explanation as to how I perceive Thunderclap and how it could be used for a crowdfunding campaign.

Thunderclap is an online tool, basically you create a Facebook post or a Tweet. You then set a time you want this post to go live, maybe on the day you launch your crowdfunding campaign! Finally you get as many people as possible to sign up for your Thunderclap. Each person that signs up then gives permission to Thunderclap to do a Facebook share or Tweet on behalf of your campaign. That way when your campaign goes live you can have 1000 tweets or shares or whatever number you set your Thunderclap up for. So that’s a basic breakdown.

But before we jump into this interview I want to remind you about tonight. Friday July 17th at 9PM CST, I will be going live for the first time to answer a few crowdfunding questions I’ve been asked via Twitter & Facebook. If you cant make it no problem I’ll be recording the live session and releasing on our YouTube Channel CrowdFund Genius. So check out our YouTube page when you get chance!

Lets jump into the interview with Chelsea head of outreach from Thunderclap!

So we’ve established that you recruit individuals and then a tweet will be sent or a share from everyones account that you recruited in. So can you share just one strategy, I know there are several strategies out there, but just give us one that you would suggest as a way of sharing this link or url and recruiting a large Thunderclap presence.

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Show notes

  • Thunderclap has been around for 2 years
  • David Cascino came up with the idea during the Occupy Wall street Movement.
  • Make sure you check out the Thunderclap playbook which outlines some of the strategies and case studies for Thunderclap
  • “A Kickstarter for Messages, or basically an online Flash Mob”
  • Its up to the organizer to recruit people for their Thunderclap
  • Email blasts are extremely effective.
  • Every Thunderclap organizer has their own project page, kind of like Kickstarter.
  • Pricing tiers include, Free, $45, $100, $500 & then the enterprise plan!
  • All features are outlined on the pricing page!
  • Thunderclap also offers email collection! So you can add them to the LIST!
  • You can run a Thunderclap campaign from start to finish on the Free plan.

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Best advice for a Crowdfunder in the planning stages of there very own Crowdfunding campaign?

Chelsea: Sit down with a calendar and write out how long you want your crowdfunding campaign to run and think about the points during that campaign you would want a little bit more momentum. And if there is a specific time, maybe a holiday or an awareness day that relates to your product or whatever you’re trying to raise money for. Make a list of those days and that might be useful for planning out a Thunderclap. Thinking of the points where you might want to generate a little buzz is a really good way to craft and effective Thunderclap campaign. Because that will allow you recruit the people and capture their interest level when it’s high.

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Happy Crowdfunding

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