2.7 Crowdfunding Video Do’s & Don’ts 
photography zacbobZacBob goes over what you should and shouldn’t have in your crowdfunding video. Explains a few lessons and hopefully a few ideas on what you should do for your next crowdfunding video!

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Crowdfunding Takeaways 

  • Recording a crowdfunding video: Mac users can utilize tele stream, final cut, and Garageband.
  • Recording a crowdfunding video: PC Users can utilize audacity, adobe premiere, windows movie maker, and movavi!
  • 30% of viewers only view will finish reviewing the entire length of your video. Keep your videos short and under 2 minutes!
  • Showcase your product and make it the main staple of your video.
  • Be blunt and get straight to the point of your video when asking for reaching your goal!
  • Crowdfunding is free! Don’t be afraid to fail!
  • Be passionate about your product!
  • Use the scarcity tactic!


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