2.8 Bomber Barrel: $430K for this Kickstarter Duffel Bag

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Bomber Barrel over 460K on Kickstarter and was reigning champ for the “Most Funded Bag on Kickstarter” for several months after completion. Edgar & Vincent have been launching repeat Kickstarter campaigns for awhile and continue to crush their crowdfunding goals. 

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Crowdfunding Takeaways!

  • Bomber Barrell bag is water proof made of a durable ripstop nylon and the Bomber Paracord is made from a 550 standard issued military Paracord.
  • This was Edgar Ceron‘s 1st campaign that he has ever launched.
  • Original goal was set for $15,000 dollars.
  • Raised over $21,000 dollars on 1st day!
  • Bomber Barrell became the highest selling campaign on Kickstarter and was constantly on the popular page.
  • Goal was reached in 4 hours and 50 minutes after launching campaign!
  • Bomber Barrell bag can be used an every day use bag and is not just a survival kit bag.
  • Bomber Barrell team reached out continuously to their friends, family, email list, supporters, and sponsors before the campaign, throughout the duration of the campaign, and after campaign ended with updates.
  • Facebook received the best conversion rate and was the best tool to track conversions.
  • Kicktrack was another tool used that helped them monitor daily data, backers, and how much money was being made.

Link to Edgar & Vincent’s current Crowdfunding Campaign! Click the image below!

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