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On this episode we have another crowdfunding resource. This ones Free! Art of the Kickstart Podcast creator Matt comes on to discuss his show and what he’s learned and how his services and show can help you reach your crowdfunding goal!

Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Matthew Ward initially started his passion for entrepreneurship off with a few small business ventures that didn’t work out for him until he came across the idea of starting his company the Art of the Kickstart.
  • At the time of this interview with Crowdfund GeniusMatthew Ward had already interviewed well over 101 podcasting guest and crowdfunding entrepreneurs. His list is continuing to grow even to this day!
  • Matthew Ward is a consultant for Crowdfunders who require assistance with their campaigns.
  • Initial goal was to be the number one resource online for Crowdfunders everywhere who were looking for assistance and providing them with innovative ideas to start their campaigns or make their campaigns just that much better.
  • Has interviewed Andrew Warner from Mixergy.com as well as a number of other high visibility podcasters who are well known throughout the podcasting community.
  • Has another podcast within Art of the Kickstart titled: “Kickstarter Hacks” which breaks down Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns once a week. This podcast go’s over what other campaign users did right or what they did wrong.
  • Art of the Kickstart has a 31 video course that gives you a step by step how to run a successful Crowdfunding campaign.
  • Recommends that you review other successful KickstarterIndiegogo, and Crowdcrux.com campaigns to find out tips on what they used to run a successful campaign.



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