2.8 CrowdRise: An Alternative Crowdfunding site to Kickstarter/Indiegogo

If your looking for a cheaper website that doesnt take 7.5-8% of your funds, and its for a good cause, or maybe its just a personal cause! Then CrowdRise might be for you. This new crowdfunding platform has been gaining traction all year with some big names running some big campaigns!


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Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Mike noticed a need with everyone sharing content, and decided to act on that need with Snip.ly
  • You can attach a message to any page/content that your sharing, and not only will people see the article, but they will see your personal messaged overlaid on that page/content you’re sharing.
  • Find an article related to your industry, and input into snip.ly
    • First option is, what do you want your call of action to say? Any message you want displayed over the top of the content.
    • There will also be a button; you can link that button to whatever destination, email subscription, Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign etc.
    • Then share the link!
  • Whenever people click on the link they will also see the URL that you’re sharing and that page will be linked to your Call to action!
  • ly is Free for up to 1000 clicks per month.
  • Over 41 million links have been clicked through Snip.ly


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