How to run a crowdfunding campaign?  Steven a repeat crowdfunder explains how!  You must realize that the model is always changing.  Crowdfunding videos went from interview style, 4-5 minutes to short videos 1-2 minutes. Before crowdfunding videos would try to explain as much information about the product as they could. Now they just want to see the product and understand they can scroll down on the Kickstarter project page to learn more.



Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Write a short pitch that you can use to reach out to other crowdfunding campaigns for possible cross promotion.
  • Check how many backers a campaign has before you reach out for cross promotion.
  • Currently Havok Timepieces uses Kickstarters updates to communicate with their backers versus soliciting their backers to sign up for a Mailchimp opt in.
  • You should have stretch goals in mind, but at the same time poll your backers to see what they would like to see in, on or to accommodate your product.
  • Launched Havok Racer Chronograph on a Monday, not a Tuesday. But that was because it was Cyber Monday!
  • Creating engagement in the comments, don’t reply with one word answers, engage in a conversation, give an opinion, and ask questions.

CLICK HERE for Stevens Kickstarter update that was discussed in our interview.

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