Mark & Billy are the co-founders of BackerClub. Mark was originally a crowdfunding creator turned consultant turned entrepreneur.  Both co-founders started out as “crowdfunding fans” or entrepreneurs that can see and appreciate the importance that Kickstarter & Indiegogo have brought to the table.  Check out our latest episode to learn more.



  • Mark noticed a need for a club of backers after experiencing the dreadful crowdfunding “middle campaign slump”.
  • Must projects that go through result in $1200 – $1300 in pledges from members of 
  • Check out the homepage of to see what members are backing!
  • You can also search similar campaigns who have gone through BackerClub and see how many pledges they received from the BackerClub community!
  • Over 4000 members on BackerClub who have backed over 105 projects.
  • No charge up front, project will be reviewed by someone at BackerClub. After approval, your campaign is placed on their site, and members start backing.
  • There is no charge from BackerClub in the event your campaign fails. Also you are only charged $379 from BackerClub. But there is a stipulation on that. You’re only charged $379 from BackerClub after you received $379 in funding from BackerClub members. A win win!
  • There are other services from BackerClub, like a featured campaign page for all BackerClub members to see. Additional email blasts, you can purchase more than 1 email blast to give BackerClubs list a chance to see your campaign more than once.
  • The Worlds Best Travel Jacket is probably one of the best cases to come through BackerClub.
  • Best of how Kickstarter & Indiegogo works, if you launch with a weak start, you’re going to struggle all the way through. So the best time to sign up for BackerClub would be day 1.
  •  Make sure you check out new product.

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