Vincent has run 9 campaigns and raised a bunch of money. He has learned more than most of us what it takes to succeed in the crowdfunding space.  If you want to learn from the best, I can think of no other person better at this then Vincent.


Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Vince has run several campaigns, to many to list with a huge amount of success when it comes to crowdfunding.
  • You might remember Vincent Ng and his brother from Havok Racer Chronograph Steven Ng.
  • WingTip Wallets is  the wallet you need when looking dapper in your suit.
  • Vincent and Steven are both known for their killer crowdfunding videos which are all around 2 minutes or less. If you want to learn how to make a crowdfunding video, any of there campaigns will teach you a lot.
  • Every product has a different way to express themselves. Try to keep it very simple to understand.
  • If your product is very complex, you might want to go with the traditional video where you explain every detail verse a commercial.
  • Key to success according to Vincent. Transparency!
  • Whatever your crowdfunding, its important that you would back it yourself. Think about it, would you spend X amount for your product if you seen it in a store on a shelf?
  • Transparency also comes with response. Respond to the messages and comments you get in regards to your crowdfunding campaign and respond quickly!
  • @VincentPilotNg on Snapchat! See graphic below!
  • Remember to stop during all the hustle and bustle of a planning and preparing a crowdfunding campaign and… HAVE FUN!
  • Bomber Barrel which funded over 400K on Kickstarter only took $2000 to launch.
  • Always take feedback from your backers, even if your campaign fails, that way you know exactly what to fix and re-launch.
  • When you launch your second product on Kickstarter, you always have your backers from your previous campaigns. If you followed their suggestions to make a better product, of course they will come back a second time and support you! #Secret2Success




Vincent’s Kickstarter campaigns:

WingTip Wallets – $11,225 on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE

Bomber Paracord Keychain – $146,029 on Indiegogo – CLICK HERE

Egg addiction – $82,082 on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE

Bomber Barrel – $430,393 on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE

Halo Belt 2.0 – $162,391 on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE

Halo mini – $34,694 on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE

Halo Zero Messenger bag – $35,401 on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE

Halo Belt – $57,206 on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE

GRAND TOTAL! $959,421 through crowdfunding! WOW!


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