Not only are you going to learn why you should run a Facebook unpublished post but I’m super awesome and I’m going to show you how!

This is a bit complex and not for the average user, but if you’re just starting out with Facebook ads or experimenting I would be happy to show you how you can test this out with your next ads campaign.

But first I want you to understand the importance of social proof.

“Social proof is not a new concept. From a psychological perspective, we’re naturally inclined to do what the majority is doing because we want to conform. The theory goes that the more other people are doing something, the more worthwhile we believe it to be.

This is why including social proof as part of your marketing can help you build trust and influence with your target audience. With 63% of consumers saying that they’ll look up a product or brand on social media before making a purchase, it’s important to build social proof across your social media channels.” – Social Media Examiner

You can check out the remainder of the above post here.

Okay, so social proof is important and as a new company or an existing company it is important that you establish this. Especially with all the talk of Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaigns failing to deliver when they go viral.

#1 Social Proof

Currently, Facebook’s organic reach is pretty much zero. Meaning when you post to your Facebook business page only about 14% of people see that post in their newsfeeds… If that.  Which is why running ads are important.

But you can’t post an ad to your Facebook page after your ad campaign is done. When running Facebook ads you often receive a lot of engagement. Likes, shares, comments, etc… Wouldn’t it be nice if you could post that engagement to your page and show your fans that you are real and kind of a big deal.

Imagine you want to show off your new crowdfunding video and you ask your followers to comment with their opinions of the video. Because if you just post your video and ask for comments only 14% of your fans will see it. That’s not really a great opportunity. So you might boost post, but if you boost your post you can’t really target the audience you want. You definitely can’t target more than one audience that way.

But if you’re running ads for your crowdfunding video odds are you will receive more comments, likes, and shares. Then you can actually post that add to your Facebook page. Pinning to the top showcasing all the engagement for new visitors.

#2 Multiple Ads

So you might say okay, I get it social proof is important. I’ll just run regular ads like everybody else in order to promote my crowdfunding video and get a ton of engagement… And you can. But, like with boost post you can only target one ad set/audience with that ad. If you’re experienced with Facebook ads you might say I can just duplicate the ad for a new ad set (ad set is where you place your audience).

In theory, you can. You can duplicate the ad, with the exact same copy, and the exact same images. But it each duplicated ad within that ad set will generate its own separate engagement. While it’s the same copy and same image each ad will have likes from different individuals, shares from different individuals, and comments from different individuals. Meaning, it’s a separate ad.

But with an unpublished post, you can use the exact same ad to generate likes and comments and shares from different audiences all contained within that one ad. I’ll show you how after our third reason to run a “dark post.”

“Dark Post” sounds so much cooler and mysterious than unpublished post.

#3 C2A Buttons

Go to your Facebook business page and begin to make a post. Then do me the kind favor of adding a call to action button (C2A)… YOU CAN’T!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Regular FB post

You already know what I’m going to say but I will say it anyways. You can with an unpublished post.

That’s right you can add call to action buttons to a regular page post by running an ad at your unpublished post. So now your crowdfunding video has a learn more button that can take people to your website, or perhaps a watch more button to check out more product demos and videos created by you. Or perhaps you just want to send traffic to your Kickstarter campaign preview (or Indiegogo) to generate some feedback.


Let’s keep this simple.

From your ads manager go to the gray drop-down on the top left and select “all tools.”

Then select “page post.”

Ads Manager Page Post

Now over to the right you should see the blue button that says “create post”

At this point, it should look something like this.

Create Post

Ignore that message at the top. No you don’t have to create posts like this anymore for ads. But if you want to do any of the above items I listed you do.

You have the options of Link, Carousel, Photo, Video, Status, Offer. Also, notice I clicked at the bottom for the post to be used as an ad.

As for the “call to action” you can choose from one of the following. Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Donate Now, Download, Learn More (most commonly used and best performing), Request Time, See Menu, Shop Now, Sign Up (another good one to use), Watch More.

Since we began with promoting your crowdfunding video I would then click video which changes your options a little.

Unpublished Video Post

You can link wherever, I added some text, maybe a call to action to comment or whatever you’re looking for in your ad.

In the URL I strongly recommend you use a google UTM. If you don’t know what a UTM is, well…. Should’ve been following me on Snapchat then huh? 😉

You can also use a regular boring link.

(I’ll write a blog post about google UTM’s at a later time)

After you click select video, you will be able to choose from a previously uploaded video or you can choose a completely different video from your hard drive.

Finally select create post!

Almost finished I promise.

Next, we go back to your ads manager. Choose your objective/campaign, then your ad set/audience. When you finally get to the ad section, click use existing post.

A dropdown will display showing previous posts and at the top should be the unpublished post you just created.

Last pic

BOOM! There you have it, now you can run ads at your unpublished post and you can tell all your friends you know how to do a dark post!

Almost forgot, you can also go back to all posts, page posts, click the unpublished post after running ads when you’re ready to actually publish this post to your Facebook page. So select the post, click actions publish post.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.10.19 PM

For some of you, this may be too complicated and that’s okay. That’s why we at CrowdFund Genius have our “Get More Backers” service to assist with Facebook advertising. If that’s something you would be interested in.


Hope this helps you and remember to share and leave a comment.

Happy Crowdfunding!

ZacBob out.