Facebook advertising is an interesting beast. It can absolutely make your business a fortune, but only if you know how to leverage the system. There are a number of great podcast out there that can guide you through the maze. If you want to start advertising on Facebook you must first educate yourself. I can tell you that Zac and I have learned a ton over the last year and today I am going to share 3 of my favorite tips to help you get started with Facebook advertising.


YOU MUST DEVELOP YOUR AVATAR. You CANNOT benefit from Facebook’s awesome targeting features if you do not develop your ideal customer or avatar. Your Avatar is your ideal customer and it is the lifeblood of successful Facebook advertising. Your Avatar must be a very specific description of your customer. The more detail you provide when developing your Avatar to more effective your advertising will be. It is more than just name, age and number of kids. You must describe the problems they face, political views, favorite brands, favorite websites, profession, annual revenue, industry, and hobbies. This is just the beginning, but I think you get my point.


YOU MUST SPLIT TEST YOU ADS. You now understand your Avatar. Start with a small budget and run similar ads simultaneously to understand which ads perform best. We have run over 50 ads for a single campaign to determine which ads perform best. Next, we double down on the best performing ads for maximum results.


MAXIMIZE VIDEO ADS. These are by far the best performing ads. Get over yourself and get on video. It is much easier to make an impact, sell your product and relate to your customer on video. You don’t need expensive equipment or software. Be fun and be genuine. Connect with your customer. We buy things from people we like.


If you are getting started with Facebook Ads follow these simple tips for huge success. More importantly, you can check out our Facebook Ads Course at Createawesomefbads.com for more detailed information.