As of recently with “Occam’s Razor” more and more Kickstarter creators are finding new ways to promote their campaign. Now that Kickstarter has introduced streaming live video it was time for me to share a few ways to use live video to promote your Kickstarter campaign.

1. Show off your product!

Schedule live sessions to show off your product. If you have a drone, fly it, if you have a custom feather shaver than show how it compares to other razors in your niche. Don’t forget your prototypes. Some prototypes were drawn on a napkin at a Waffle House. If this was you, show it!

2. Creator interviews!

If you’re a creator, inventor or founder behind the project, then get behind the camera! Ask a friend or colleague to conduct an interview with the founder of your crowdfunding project. You can do this after collecting questions or you can answer a question a day to keep the engagement going. Just remember if you’re going to do a daily live session, consistency is key. Same time every day.

3. How to….

If your creation or project is something that hasn’t been done before or even if it’s the simplest creation in the world. Somebody will get it wrong… Show people exactly how to use your creation and the various uses for your product. Conduct a Live “workshop” or class to discuss and go over the different uses.

4. Boxing or Unboxing?

Either or works here. At some point, you will be boxing up your product to ship to all your backers. A great way to use Kickstarter Live video would be to follow your product from the container all the way to your office and again when your product ships out the door. Of course, you also have the infamous unboxing video, which every campaign should have. What better way to get your backers excited about receiving their new (insert your product here) than to show them exactly what they will receive. The packaging, the opening, it’s like Christmas!

5. Promote contests, or your social media.

Want to generate buzz for your campaign? Conduct a Kickstarter live video session to host a contest. Ask backers and future backers to join your live session and at the end, the middle or somewhere throughout the live session up sell your video attendees with a special offer. Maybe that offer is 2 for 1 or something along those lines. But either way, you can up-sell current backers and hard sale those who have not backed.

Also, don’t forget the occasional call to action to your social media channels.

6. Respond to comments & FAQ’s.

This video live session can be scheduled daily or weekly. All you have to to is address comments that were made in the comments section on your campaign in your live video. You can do the same for frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

7. Are you a lone wolf?

Hopefully, you have built a team for your launch. If not good luck with the rigors of crowdfunding. Introduce team members, conduct interviews, have your team members update what they’re working on for the campaign in Live video sessions.

Don’t forget to show off individuals who have backed bigger reward levels. Any accomplishments your product might have earned on the road to Kickstarter success. Publicity, PR, have you been featured anywhere? Then show it off in a Live stream.

8. The most important.

Get feedback!!! Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, and be specific. Create a list of questions that you would like to know about your product before you launch. More questions you might want to know will come up. Colors, size, functionality, etc..

That sums up a few ideas to get you started with Kickstarter’s live video. Always have a call to action or a goal with your video. Don’t go live just to go live. Have a plan of action and always end with a call to action, “check us out on Facebook”,  “follow us on Twitter”, etc…

If you know anyone that is planning a crowdfunding a campaign or who could benefit from this article please share with them! (<—— Call to action).

ZacBob Out!