What will you learn in this episode?

  • Step by Step: How to use Influencer marketing to build a 5000 person email list
  • Also learn what to look for when considering the use of influencer marketing
  • How to contact Influencers
  • How to start with cross promotion when you have 0 backers
  • What platform was best for Jake when reaching out to crowdfunding creators
  • Jake share’s his cross promotion pitch to other crowdfunding creators


– Jake built a 5,000 person email list by using influencer marketing
– Basically Jake paid $600 to different Instagram accounts with large followings
– Offered a free giveaway to the Instagram accounts followers
– If you find Instagram accounts over a 1 million followers they seem to convert best
– If you buy in bulk when it comes to buying in bulk from influencers it will always be cheaper
– Use the app Kik to message influencers
– Engagement is the most important thing when consider purchasing some posts from an Instagram influencer
– Look for at least 10% engagement on each post for a good ROI
– Rough estimate: $100 for 1 post on a 500,000 follower Instagram account
– Always make sure they post your link in the bio, and negotiate how long the link in the bio will stay
– When you have 0 backers and you’re trying to cross promote. Make sure you’re adding value to the creators you’re reaching out too.
– Don’t use Kickstarter to message crowdfunding creators for cross promotion. Too crowded. Try using Snapchat
– Jake reached out to around 20 campaigns and 10 said yes they would cross promote to with him
– If you want PR, you need to start now, even if you don’t plan on launching for 6 months. Its very difficult to get PR now days for a crowdfunding campaign
– Jake was fortunate enough to find a previous crowdfunding creator (Vince) to help out with the PR for his campaign.
What is the one thing you wish you knew before launching your campaign?
Jake: I wish I knew how hard it is to get that PR outreach. It’s extremely tough, I’ve reached out to lots of different journalists and writers and not having the success I was wishing for.
What is the one thing you’ve learned while going through this pre-planning process?
Jake: That its a lot more work than you think. But if you enjoy the work, it’s not work, it’s just fun!
What is the best advice you can give to other crowdfunding creators who might be listening? 
Jake: Networking, is the absolute biggest thing you need to do with all these other creators, just because they have so much information about the stuff you don’t know about. And they’re more than willing to help you.