Avid Union Co-Founder Steven created the Visor stealth hoodie on Kickstarter after a series of long airplane flights with only a light hoodie in tow. Steven decided it was time to create another product that would help create a sense of comfort and isolation during those long flights by creating the Visor Stealth Hoodie.

Stealth hoodie


Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Created hoodie to assist him in long flights.
  • One backer who had backed a previous campaign, generously donated $4000 for one hoodie and didn’t ask for anything in return.
  • 344 backers in total
  • Shipping is one of the hardest parts of running a campaign. You can control the design, and manufacturing, but shipping you have limited control.
  • If you add more colors, more options, it creates a lot more variations when it comes to clothing. Keep it Simple!!!!!
  • Did his early birds different than everyone else by having day 1 early bird, and after the first day he closed it, had a day 2 early bird, and closed that reward down after the 2nd day leaving just a 3rd The regular priced Visor.
  • Was covered by Mashable and Huffington Post for this campaign.
  • Does the media shy away from crowdfunding campaigns for fear of fraud possibly?
  • Created their own press opportunity
  • 50% of Avid Unions backers for The Visor Stealth Hoodie were repeat backers from their previous campaigns.
  • 1000 people from previous campaigns that have been repeat backers.
  • Release teaser information to their previous backers leading up to the launch of their new crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Attempted to get on Staff picks by writing a long, helpful letter to Kickstarter staff, but didn’t happen.


On Crowdfunding Video

“easily tell your customers why your doing it, what’s the problem, and what’s the solution and what you offer”

What is the one thing that you wish you knew when you started your crowdfunding campaign?

Steven: Different…. Honestly the only thing is, as I’m doing this right, we were really successful on “The Shield” we raised 80 thousand dollars and “the Visor” we raised 24. That’s not a small number, but were happy about it. But were trying to figure out as a small company as a boutique design company how were going to move forward and still be competitive and use Kickstarter. So doing “The Visor” and this kind of business, and knowing we have such great backers, the most important thing is were trying to figure out our future, on Kickstarter or as a small company in general.

What is the best secret, advice, or tip to give to a crowdfunder listening today hoping to accomplish their own crowdfunding goals?

Steven: Last time it was about community, but this time its about find your story. If your going to do something and again, your video right, and your headline and all that stuff is the first point of contact when people are looking through hundreds and thousands of projects on Kickstarter. And as we all know, at least from our conversation that majority of your business is directly organic from Kickstarter. So even if we get a lot of media coverage there is no guarantee that you will get a lot of backers from those medias. So on Kickstarter, you really have to think about that video, and the still of the video. The still shot of that video, what is successful, I’ve seen those like a big product shot on a clean background. Again we do know though, that story, the one story, the video the message it needs to be entertaining, it needs to be fun and as well as of course, easily tell your customers why your doing it, what’s the problem, and what’s the solution and what you offer. But still it needs to be entertaining and engaging.

The visor stealth hoodie

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