Bomber Bracelet is crushing their Crowdfunding goal 

bomber bracelet


Bomber Barrel returns but with a different product on a different platform! Bomber Barrel who was once the highest funded bag on Kickstarter has switched platforms…. And is still crushing it..

When you run multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns and are known for on time shipping and excellent product, its not difficult to build a following. Not just any following but a following that will follow you anywhere, on any crowdfunding platform.

If your a minimalist or a survivalist. This product is definitely for you and it doesn’t hurt the wallet ($15)! It has that classic timepiece look and is made of paracord. What is paracord? It’s the tough material our nations military uses in order to parachute down to safety. Or simply put, Parachute nylon cord? Also available in two colors, Olive Green or Black. You cant go wrong with either.

So for you planners and entrepreneurs, if your planning a crowdfunding campaign, I want you to immediately, before you launch the first one, at least give some thought to what you will launch next. Thats exactly what Bomber co did after their huge successful Bomber Barrel Duffel bag they were immediately ready to launch a follow up campaign. And after the success from their bracelet accessory on the first campaign why not launch a more affordable product for your backers to get in on.

Also if you’re a fan of the first campaign for Bomber Barrel Duffel bag, you might notice some of the video was re-purposed and used again for the Bomber Paracord Keychain/Bracelet. Another reason I’m so big on Bomber Co. videos. Its not just a crowdfunding campaign, they’re playing chess when other creators are playing checkers. They’re prepared, and transparent.

So one more time, dont just think six months down the road, think 2 years. Good luck!

Happy Crowdfunding!


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