How to run a Crowdfunding Campaign.

How to run a Kickstarter Campaign.  CrowdFund Genius is a LIVE show via Periscope! Follow @CrowdFundGenius.  Host ZacBob answers questions about Kickstarter, Indiegogo and any rewards based crowdfunding related questions.




Q1: Are there any examples of a crowdfunded government model?

ZacBob: I know your government can use certain crowdfunding platforms in order to fund government projects like new parks, sidewalks etc..

Q2: Funding a project can cost a considerable amount of cash. What due diligence do you conduct before investing?

ZacBob: Always research before backing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Ensure they have their social profiles attached and that those social profiles are indeed real. Thats a start.

Q3: If a consumer finds your campaign page after it a campaign has ended, but wants to back your campaign. How do they go about doing so?

ZacBob: You need to plan ahead, after your Kickstarter ends, you will no longer be able to accept pre-orders or more orders. But Indiegogo does have that feature, in which you can still take orders after your campaign ends. Be careful though, it can be overwhelming.

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