How to run a crowdfunding campaign?

How to run a Kickstarter campaign? CrowdFund Genius is a LIVE show via Periscope! Follow @CrowdFundGenius.  Host ZacBob answers questions about Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and any rewards based crowdfunding related questions.



Q1: @MelissaFrehman Via Kickstarter campus asks, “What sort of rewards can I offer for a podcast project?

ZacBob: I love podcasting projects, especially as a podcaster myself. You already have an unfair advantage as you probably have some sort of following were as most crowdfunding campaigns are lacking a following.

Q2: @BenHopper asks, “I’m thinking of finishing my Kickstarter on December 19th, is it worth finishing it just before the holidays?”

ZacBob: All crowdfunding campaigns should be warned about running a campaign around the holidays. Unless it has to do with that specific holiday, most individuals are away from their computers and with their families during the holidays.

Q3: @Jeanie Tortellini asks via Reddit: “Can you still adjust or add more to your pledge after the campaign?

ZacBob: You can adjust almost anything except for your rewards. Thats the one you cant change, but you can add more rewards and close your rewards but they will still remain visible, just no longer available.

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