Q1: Best Crowdfunding platform for latino families in the US?

ZacBob: It’s as simple as asking your audience!

Q2: How successful are retail crowdfunding campaigns vs tech campaigns?

ZacBob: Just as a successful. Doesn’t matter if your crowdfunding shoe laces or a smart watch. When it comes to Kickstarter or Indiegogo its all about your following, or the list of emails you have built. Are they your target audience or a random email list you purchased?

Q3: What crowdfunding platform should I use? From Pat Flynns Podcast. #ASKPAT455

ZacBob: Depends on the crowdfunding campaign. So many variables, but I did my best to breakdown the crowdfunding platform of choice. My preference, Kickstarter. But its not always up to you on which platform you choose. Location & product have a lot to do with it.


How to run a Crowdfunding Campaign.

How to run a Kickstarter Campaign.

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