CrowdFund Genius Live 1.3: Crowdfunding Q&A

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ZacBob answers questions from around Twitter on CrowdFund Genius Live on How to run a Crowdfunding campaign! Every Friday 8PM CST on Meerkat & Periscope. Ask your questions to @CrowdFund Genius on Twitter. 

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Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Q1: @BriteDrops asks: BriteDrops is on Kickstarter for the 1st time; How best to get bloggers to look?

    A: The best way to get bloggers to look at your campaign if your campaign is live; You probably should have been doing this in your pre-campaign, pre-launch, pre-planning and getting these bloggers lined up in advance. One way is to go to other campaigns that are already in your niche. Find other Kickstarter, Indiegogo campaigns and scroll down in the campaign page. Some times they’ll put the media has already covered that campaign. Another way to do it is to right click on the video and do a Google image search for that campaign. You’re going to get a whole list of blogs, different forums, and different media outlets that cover that use that same image that covers that particular campaign. Now while you’re doing this you locate the writers email address, their twitter handle, and start building a twitter list of each and everyone of those writers. After you do that start sharing those articles that they are writing about. Share other articles that they are writing about. Every time you share their articles once a day make sure you mention them on Twitter. Make sure you say hey I checked out your article. Make sure you mention to them that you shared the link to their articles. Let them know that you’re sharing their stuff so they will be more inclined to write bout yours when your campaign launches. Another thing, email them specifically! Tell them hey, I saw that you wrote this article about this drone but could you check out this new drone that just launched on Kickstarter. Did you check out this new drone article over here. Point those articles to them! Point them at each other so they can find something else to write about for their next writing project that they have to release for their blog or for their outlet that they are writing about. The last way is to go check out the website called “Help A Reporter Out” (HARO). You can go on that website and sign up for it that way you can sign up for their list. This website is for reporters and writers who go to this website and out a huge blast to everybody stating that they are looking to write a story about this subject or another subject. They normally give a descriptive narrative of what they are going to write about. Go ahead and start helping them out even if it’s not related to your campaign. That way your establishing a relationship with them in advance that way so they are more inclined to write about your campaign when it launches.

    Q2: @ProjectSteady asks: Hey this is Rocksteady here. How do you fund a successful campaign?

    A: The main thing you need to do to run a successful campaign is to make sure you fund your campaign in the first 48 hours. Try to get at least at a minimum 50 to 75 percent of your desired campaign goal within the first 48 hours. That is very, very, very important! A lot of people overlook this key aspect of their campaign. Set your goal as low as possible. You’re going to already know before your campaign starts how high your goal should be because you should be building your email list. Once you build your email list up; Start asking your email list or your backers to start getting them involved in your campaign. Ask them to get involved with your Kickstarter page and ask them what do they think of it. Let them see the reward levels and start asking them if they think they would back those reward levels at those price that you have set.  Ask them if they think their is enough value there! Ask them do you think you would back us! Ask them in advance! Start making a list of people who would be interested backing you so you can have a rough number of the amount of backers you might have on that first day and the amount you are going to raise on that first day.

    Q3: @AshleyCholeInc asks: What is the best social media platform for getting the word out about your crowdfunding campaign?

    A: The best social media platform depends on your niche. If your selling to businesses you’re going to want to go to LinkedIn. You have LinkedIn Groups, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, and Instagram. Instagram is getting really hot right now with Cross-Promotions where I’ll share a picture of your campaign to my followers and you share a picture of my campaign to your followers and vice versa. If you’re going off of statistics then go with Facebook. Facebook is where it’s at right now. 20 to 30 percent of campaigns are getting all of their traffic campaigns from Facebook and the rest is coming from Kickstarter, or some other source.


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