Crowdfund Genius Live 1.6 Crowdfunding Q&A

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How to run a Crowdfunding Campaign. CrowdFund Genius is a LIVE show every Friday 8 PM CST via Pericsope! Host ZacBob answers questions about Kickstarter, Indiegogo and any rewards based crowdfunding related questions. 

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Crowdfunding Takeaways

Q1: What should I include on my Kickstarter page?

A: There’s are a few things that are a must have when it comes to your Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It’s kind of cross-platformed when it comes to this. One thing is you need to have a video. If you’re not running a video most people won’t look at your campaign. I don’t even look at campaigns if they don’t have a video. I’m not sure how many people do unless it’s just friends or family. They may pay more attention to you if you don’t have a Crowdfunding video. First and most important have a Crowdfunding video for your campaign. Second of all; let’s not see a lot of copy or page text within the page because we want to spread it out. We want it visual because we’re visual people. So lets use some images! Take a look at some of the other campaigns. You’ll notice some of the successful or most successful campaigns will have one or two sentences and then it’s separated by an image. Make sure you’re spacing out the page text and using a lot of high definition or high quality images for your campaign page copy. Use infographics! You need to have a couple of different infographics. One of the infographics you should have are the rewards based infographics. What I mean by rewards infographics is a copy of your rewards. It’s going to show the price of your rewards and it’s going to have an image or a little text about what they’re going to be getting at that level. Another infographic that you should have would be your timeline infographic which would explain what you’ve already accomplished. For example coffee cups; If I’m Crowdfunding coffee cups I’m going to show you when I came up with the idea, when the manufacturers, we got the molds, we got our pricing down, we started building our email list, social media presence, and somewhere in the middle of your timeline infographic you want to make sure you have Kickstarter campaign launched. Also have Kickstarter campaign successfully funded and what you’re going to do after your campaign is funded. You have to show your audience the time table of how long it’s going to take to manufacture the product and when it will be delivered. Show your backers when they should expect to get their reward in the mail. Give them a time frame of about 2 months because it’s always better to be early than late when it comes to receiving their Crowdfunding rewards. Make sure you utilize early bird specials. You also want to how where the funding is going to on the page. Think about what you’re doing and show it in a pie chart. Show how much money you spent up to this point. That’s why your on Kickstarter. Be transparent and be open with your audience in regards to your campaign.


Q2:What to do pre-Kickstarter campaign? 12 week out!

A: We got this question on Reddit. You’ve got 12 weeks! You can plan an entire campaign in that amount of time. Some of the things you need to start with is prototypes. You should start by making a list of bloggers, youtube videos with a lot of subscribers or views. Try different blogs, articles, or different areas you can promote your campaign. Start sending your prototypes to those individuals to write reviews or share that product having them explain how much they like the product or how well it works. They’ll be more inclined to write about you or share your product if you send them a prototype if it’s not too expensive to do that. If it’s too expensive don’t do it. You can always start by building your media list. One quick way to do that is to find Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns that are in your niche. There are a ton of watches on both platforms. So find those watches! There’s a main image that’s a still picture with a little video you can use. Right click that image and google search that image. You’re going to have a whole list of different websites, blogs, online articles that have written about that page. Find out who they are by searching their email or their Twitter handle! Find the contact form on their page and start creating a Twitter list of all those individuals or media outlets that you found on their page. Retweet their content to help them gain exposure and then reach out to them and ask them to write about your campaign so when your campaign go lives they’ll be more inclined to help you when your campaign goes live. We’re all after the same thing here and that’s to gain backers. So cross-promote! If they don’t then what’s the worse thing that could happen; They say no to you? Just move on if they do and reach out to the next person who will. Make this media list large. Start building it now. Start building your email list, landing page, and start networking yourself talking to people about your campaign.

Q3:What is the best Kickstarter video of all time?

A: I’ve watched a lot of videos so it’s kind of hard to say! Some people are going to say the Pebble Watch because it’s the most funded campaign on Kickstarter. Another one would be the Coolest Cooler. The Coolest Cooler started off with a picnic setting or a barbecue setting that had this old cooler there. The only thing that I didn’t like about the Coolest Cooler video was that it took them some time to get into the video to showcase their product. I’d like to see videos where you show your product within the first 5 to 6 seconds. Not everybody has the same equipment as they do or can afford the production value that the Coolest Cooler had. Get that product shot in their immediately. A great example would be the Padcaster Mini. They were actually on our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher for “Crowdfundgenius”. The video opens up with a shot of the padcaster which is this all in one broadcasting for all of your iPad mini. It opens up with a waterfall and you see the podcaster there and you see the actual footage from the padcaster point of view. It’s real quick about 7 or 8 seconds of the podcaster mini with the beautiful scenery. After that he jumps into his elevator pitch in an actual elevator giving the pitch explaining how he should be able to give his elevator pitch in the amount of time it takes for him to ride this elevator. I’ve seen a ton of videos so it’s hard to say because it varies based off another individuals preferences, niches, and likes. We’re all into different things!


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