CrowdFund Genius Live 1.7: Crowdfunding Q&A

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Q1: @SYNAPSIS ENERGY ask: Is a website required to do a landing page? What do you recommend to do a landing page? 

A: No! Do I recommend it, YES! Now first lets talk about if you don’t want to do a website for your landing page and the options you have. A landing page is an option for you to share your story or get something out there. It’s also a way for you to convert. It could be a sales page for a landing page. You can generate leads to build your email list which I like to use a lot of landing pages for and what a lot of Crowdfunding creators like to use originally as well. Now once your campaign launches you need to go from adding them to your email list to converting them to your Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaign. So if your in pre-starter campaign time (Kenny); I suggest that you try to build your email list with your landing page. Which you could do is go to is It’s a free service to use! The only downside I see from using their free service is the branding. They have written all over the place. You can pay for the paid version but if you decide to do that then why aren’t you doing your own website yourself? I strongly recommend from personal experience that you build your own website yourself. We’ve used ourselves in the past to help us build our email list but since we’ve gone to a website version we’ve been able to A-B split test, build multiple landing pages, multiple sales pages, thank you pages, lead magnets, etc. All of that from going to our own website! You can go with which is the service we are using here right now at Crowdfund Genius. It is extremely great and I highly recommend them. You can get the free plug in from landing pages! Whenever you building that make sure you have your opt-in and make sure you have at least 7 different lead magnets on your website.

Q2: I know I need a landing page but I worry about telling the full picture of my product weeks before the campaign could kill the buzz; Suggestions? 

A: You’re going to have to! I know you’re trying to build up to this great big launch but you can also show your product and still build up to this giant launch without hurting your campaign. In reality how many people are going to see your product before you launch your campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Are you planning on going on viral before you launch your campaign? Chances are you aren’t going to get that huge until you get on one of those platforms and after you’ve launched your campaign and people start seeing your product. So my best recommendation would be for you to start showing your product now. Start letting people see it now otherwise why else would they be joining your email list? If you’re building a landing page and your integrating it with Mailchimp; what are they opting in for? I don’t see a lot of people coming to your site and automatically clicking on and asking to see more. Maybe you have an opt-in or lead magnet in mind but if you don’t make sure you do! Make sure you have pictures for your customers / backers to see. They want to see it. They want to see the product you are providing or what they are going to be hopefully backing. You can still build buzz around that but just don’t tell them when your launching. Just let them know to keep them on their toes that it’s coming soon! That’s why we use early birds for Crowdfunding campaigns. Let them know with your early birds you’re going to be shutting down such and such rewards at certain time periods. Let them know it’s only for the backers that back them during the first 48 hours and so and so forth. Make sure your showing your product through the use of landing pages otherwise the backers won’t come because they won’t know. Some times the more info your provide the better!

Q3: @KATSVSDAWGS ask: Who do you think would be a target audience for my campaign?

A: I’m assuming your using cute pictures of cats versus dogs or something along those lines. What I would do if I was in your niche would be for you to start creating a list of Facebook pages or crowdfunding campaigns that were successful like Exploding Kittens. Show something that has already been in that line or show the same kind of similar content that you are trying to do. Start looking for those types of pages and start making a list of them right now because whenever you start to run Facebook ads targeting those audiences from those pages since they are already successful. I wouldn’t tell them to like my page. We’re talking landing pages, lead magnets, and talking about opt-ins. I would start getting them to join my email list because that’s more important than a Facebook like. You only reach 14 percent of your audience. If you get them on your email list; it’s absolutely free to send them an email. Get them on your email list first. Create 26 different target audiences and 26 different ad sets which is where you build your target audiences within Power Editor on Facebook for advertising. Run a bunch of different ad-sets at these different audiences so you can figure out who your target audience will be to see who clicking and who’s converting. You’re going to get insights from Facebook on that as well. Make sure your following your insights to see the age demographics and target demographics. Also your website. Google analytics will tell you who your target audience is. So when it comes time to run your campaign you’re already going to know which target audience performs and which ones do not.