CrowdFund Genius Live: Episode 1, Live Crowdfunding Q&A

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ZacBob answers questions from around Twitter on CrowdFund Genius Live! Every Friday 8PM CST on Meerkat & Periscope. Ask your questions to @CrowdFund Genius on Twitter. 

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Q1: Dave @TheBoldLeader asks, what is the best tool for building your email list to ensure the most success from your Crowdfunding Campaign?

A:  The best tool for building your email list that I would recommend is for you to utilise Mailchimp or Aweber. By utilising these forums you can receive 12,000 free emails a month up to 2,000 prescribers. I also highly recommend that you utilise the following websites: and Socialmediaexaminer as well. Go to the Socialmediaexaminer website and capture articles of interest by copying the URL. After copying the URL go to and paste the URL that you just copied which will then create a short link for you. In turn by doing so; That short link will bring up your logo, your messages, your opt-in, which leads directly to your Mailchimp opt-in subscriber list. This will help you build your email list fast and often.

Q2: Gregory @loslosbaby asks, love the info, but could you share with us the advice on number of rewards and specifically the $1 dollar reward? Thanks

A: It typically depends on the campaign that you are running and how many tiers you are running. Generally the best approach is to limit yourself to 5 to 7 rewards, throw some early bird specials in for your backers, and basically keep it simple in regards the type of rewards you are providing. When it comes to the $1 dollar rewards remember this; If a backer is going to back you at a $1 dollar reward then more than likely they’ll also back you at $5 dollar reward too. By doing this you are receiving a brand ambassador who in turn can help you share your and promote your campaign for you as an affiliate.

Q3: @TheGish asks what is the best way to start planning for your crowdfunding campaign?

A: One of the most important steps to start planning your crowdfunding campaign would be by first and foremost start off by identifying your target audience. Secondly, build your email list. Create a list of crowdfunding campaigns, copy the link to these campaigns, and conduct research on these individuals by finding the name of these individual(s) who were running those campaigns. You can find a majority of the time the names of these individuals on their campaigns main webpage or via Facebook. Save the link to their Facebook page, Twitter address, go to their website, find their email address, and add all of this information into one list. Create a list for Crowdfunding campaigns, media or potential media, another list for exclusives that you would like to offer to media. You are going to also want to have Youtube channels, blogs, video blogs, and podcast. Start communicating with these individuals and share their information by utilising those tools I just mentioned above. Share their campaign information if it is a live / active / an ongoing campaign and let them know you are sharing their information so they will be more inclined to help you with your campaign later on.

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