CrowdFund Genius Season 2: How to Build your Crowdfunding Campaign Page

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Here are few examples of the Reward infographics:

rewards infogrpahic 2

rewards infographic

And here is two example of Timeline Infographics:

timeline infographic

timeline infographic


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ZacBob: Welcome back to season 2 of CrowdFund Genius! Sorry I never really announced that we were doing seasons. But I got so distracted by Crowdfunding Comebacks. My other podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio, and then I got even more distracted by Startup the podcast. If you guys like this show you will love that show. Check out Startup in iTunes as well. And en light of them doing seasons, I decided to give it a try

So a couple things before we get started, CrowdFund Genius now has a youtube channel, Look it up on youtube, crowdfundgenius. Right now it has some clips from Crowdfunding Comebacks interviews with some creators and myself.

Also follow me on Instagram I’m trying something a little different there and it seems to be working. Well building my following anyways, so check it out, you could do the same thing for your campaign to build an audience now. Even if you don’t have a product, probably even if you don’t have an idea. You could start now on Instagram.

So today im going to teach you how to build a campaign page on Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Its not the best fit for every category, but for those of you that are lost or don’t know where to start, this is where I start. Building the campaign page.

changing things up. This season wont just be interviews with awesome creators. We will have that yes. But Im also going to mix in episodes like this one, that are educational. Ill get into that in a second. Also trying to shorten the episodes. According the latest podcasting information, that most people listen while working out, jogging, or driving to work and those average times were found to be around 20 minutes. So here’s to trying to shorten the episode and pack it with more actionable advice & content.

Basically im going to try and share everything I know about building and managing a crowdfunding campaign so that you can do the same when you decide to run your crowdfunding campaign.

So when im running a campaign for a client or building a campaign the first thing I like to do is get the campaign page set up.

So lets start there.

Before you start building your campaign I strongly recommend you do some research on copywriting. Maybe take a course or buy a book on the subject so you understand what copywriting is.

  1. “Copywriting definition according to Quick Sprout, which was the first definition that popped up on google when searching. “Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action. In many ways, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers.”

Okay so lets move on to the title of your campaign. Funding goal and rewards we will do last.

Title, Take a look at Coolest Cooler. How many times did they say cool or cooler in the headline? You get 60 characters so create a few names and show it to some friends, family, but mainly show it to some strangers. And see if they understand it just from your headline

Crowdfunding Video has its own episode later in the season but try to keep it under 2 minutes. 2 minutes and 30 seconds max. Don’t start with the typical founder intro, “hey I’m ZacBob and this is my project.” Vine videos are six seconds long for a reason. Our attention spans suck. That’s the reason. Open the video showcasing your product or service.

Directly following the video, I want to see a share link. If your curious what im talking about, take a look at RocketBook on Indiegogo. You need a share button to start. Why? Because if they’re not going to back you maybe they want to show a friend, and at the end of your video your going to have a call to action to share. So start the campaign off with a share button and end it with a share button.

Okay next up, an infographic? If you don’t know what an infographic is, well… where you been? They’re everywhere, im sure they’ve populated your newsfeed once or twice, if not google it and you will know. But an infographic is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge. And your infographic should be all about the rewards! Check out the shownotes from this episode at for images that might help explain what im talking about. But an infographic showcasing your rewards is exactly what you should start your campaign off with. That way your backers, or future backers don’t have to scroll through and read each and every reward. This especially works great for campaigns that have multiple tiers of rewards.

Alright were about to get more into the copy of your crowdfunding campaign page. And I want to point out that you shouldn’t ever have any section of a few sentence or more without separating them with images of your product.

So first up is a description, now you describe your product, do it mainly with visuals but you will need a short description, im not talking a short novel, a short description, less than a paragraph.

If you need too, follow up the description with whose this product or service for? Is this a new wheel for skaters? Perhaps a new wax for surfers? Whoever its for this is where you explain that. With images! And then text.

Testimonials, I highly recommend you test out your product with people. Espicially people in the niche your trying to get into. But a lot of us don’t have more than one prototype to send out to beta testers. If you do, by all means send them out. Find influential media members, youtube reviewers, podcasters, anyone with an audience. Find out how large they’re audience is by going to their website and use SEMRUSH to get a figure on the traffic. Now for the rest of you with only one prototype. Get out of the house and from behind the computer. Go to the local hangout where your niche is at. Whether it’s a meetup from or the local skate park. Find people willing to give you a testimonial and record it. Use an iphone or whatever. Compile your video into one, and then place the video of testimonials on here. If you already have testimonials I think its clear this is the section were you place them.

Follow this up with shots or videos of your product or service in action. Try to use GIFS if possible because again our attention spans are horrible, so don’t care to see a 2 minute unboxing video if you can wrap it up in a gif. But show that you have a prototype and that it works! Action shots, stills, whatever, this is the section to showcase how your product works and how amazing it is.

Now that we beat your product to death! Lets continue on with the story. The story behind your product. Maybe you were showering one day and fell, hit your hid and boom! Flex capacitor! Either way, this is were we start going into your story and the founders, team, whoever has helped. You can do a video or text, but again keep the text minimial, you don’t want you readers to have to read a lot because why? If you said our attention spans suck then you are correct. Half the campaigns I look at on a daily basis I barely read. If at all.

Follow how you came up with the idea and the story of your team with what you have accomplished this far. Time for another infographic. That’s right, the infamous timeline infographic. Again, check out the shownotes on the website Crowdfund and its under Podcasts. But create a timeline infographic. Date it all the way back to the concept, milestones like receiving your first prototype, or even narrowing it down to the manufacturer. Building of campaign, pre-launch, add all this to your timeline infographic! You want to show that this isn’t a one night idea, you’ve put significant thought and time into building this. Your not a fraud, you’re the real deal. While your at it back some campaigns if your number is zero. Don’t forget to connect your actual Facebook account to your campaign page.

Next were going to go into your team and you. If you’re a one man solopreneur than jump behind the camera. Heres were you tell your story, introduce your team members. Make sure to use professional photos, headshots if you can afford them or know somebody. If your doing a video keep it short not to in depth. 3 minutes max. Chances are not to many people will view the video, so images with a small caption about each team member will do unless you want to go that extra step and make a video. Even if you don’t end up using the video in the page copy it would make a great update for your backers.

Right after you introduce yourself and your team, that’s when we go into why you need the money? Whatever that reason is, be transparent. Create an infographic or even a simple pie chart to show exactly why you need the money. Show what money you’ve already spent and on what. Let your backers know that again this is for a cause. Not just for your next vacation.

End your page with another call to action. Share on Facebook, Click to tweets. If you check out the show notes I will have the URL’s for share buttons for Facebook and LinkedIn as well as a link to were you can build the URL’s to add to any image of your choosing for the share icons. Always end your page with a call to action. One last chance to share.

Below this section you will have your frequently asked questions. Pay attention to questions your being asked about your product. Mainly when your showing it to strangers. Because your family and friends might be to close to you to ask real questions or give honest opinions. Pre-load your Frequently ask questions with a few questions you been asked along the way in the process. Plenty of questions will come up in the comments section once you get that section going as well. There will be another episode on season 2 going more in depth with updates and comments. So you have that to look forward too.

So that’s about it. Remember to also check out the show notes for images of everything Im talking about here today. Also sign up for the email newsletters on my website for more tips and tutorials and helpful blog posts from around the web!

Thanks again for tuning into CrowdFund Genius. Remember to send me some love on Twitter. Ask me questions so I can do a Gary VEE style Q&A on YouTube! Happy Crowdfunding

ZacBob Out!