Hundreds. I receive hundreds of messages about “please promote my campaign. Post about my campaign” or “I think you might like”… Followed by a link to a crowdfunding campaign. Here’s a screen shot!

———-INSERT PIC————–

Most of these I will entertain to the point of clicking on the link, and reviewing the campaign. Best case scenario, I find one of these campaigns interesting and request an interview for the podcast. Worse case scenario, I don’t have the time that day or don’t recognize your handle, and that’s only because I’m a nice guy. Most bloggers won’t give you the time of day unless you randomly fall into a blog or category they need to write about that week.

I’m just being honest, I do reply to a ton of messages on Facebook, sometimes I even give some quick advice. I’ll even share a link from time to time.

But in order to really get my attention. Share. Like, spread the word. That’s how you get a bloggers attention. Comment on their videos, comment on their blog posts. Follow them on Twitter and add them to a specific Twitter list. Add their Facebook pages to follow first, that way you’re constantly seeing their posts. Begin to comment on their blog posts, articles they’ve written for other publications.

You need to begin this process now. How many days do you plan to run your campaign? That’s exactly how many articles, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube channels, and local news articles that you will need to have. If you can get a blog post or interview every day talking about your campaign that’s a great start. But it’s not an easy task.

First, you must begin the process of list building and build an entire list of bloggers, Instagram accounts, and Twitter handles that you wish to follow and connect with. Put all of this on a spreadsheet with links to their social media accounts, website, blog articles, everything. Use a tool like Similar Web or Alexa ranking to check how much traffic the website receives. Rank them on your spreadsheet with the largest at the top.

Then begin the tedious task I mentioned above of commenting on everything they post. End some of your comments with questions. That way it will begin to create that engagement with the individual you’re trying to connect with.

Next, build a swipe page or a press page onto your website.Trust me it’s easier to send a link than it is to send hundreds of pictures. You want to be as informative as possible on your swipe page. Write emails for your followers to email to friends. Have them literally pre-written. The easier it is for someone to contribute the more likely they will contribute. So pretty much do it for them. Have social media images already sized for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc… Under each image should be a link and call to action “Click to share”. Provide high def photos in case they want to download them and build their own graphics. You can also display a video preferably with a 10-second intro of you saying thanks and then your crowdfunding campaign video.

With you commenting on all their posts, sharing their blog posts on Twitter and pretty much becoming their number one fan. Coupled with making their job a ton easy with the above swipe page. Now you can begin to reach out to them individually and not in a mass email. You have to think about what will make them want to write about you? Is it new, interesting piece of tech you used? Don’t just email blindly saying promote this and that. You have to sell yourself and your product here. And you have to do it in two paragraphs. Nobody wants to read a book about your project and why I should share it. #ColdHardFacts

(Tip: Start from the bottom of your list. With the bloggers and influencers who receive less traffic. You will refine your pitch by the time you get to the big guys with more traffic.)

Below is an example of what you say.

Hey (Insert blogger’s name)

I’ve been (following/enjoying/learning from) your content and (articles/videos/tweets) for (how long?) and I’ve really (learned a lot/enjoyed them) especially (specific article or blog post). I found it interesting (what did you find interesting about it?) and (insert why this has to do with you or your upcoming campaign).

I’m currently planning a (Kickstarter/Indiegogo) project called (insert project name) launching on (this date) and ending on (this date). Since (why should he write about your campaign & why their audience would benefit from it) I thought I’d share it with you. Would you please consider (doing/writing/recording) (review/video/interview) on your (blog/podcast/show). I’ve taken some swipe page where you can check out some info and pics of  (insert project name and link to swipe file).

(If you have prototypes to give away now would be the time to mention it)

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to future entries about (the name of the blog/show/podcast etc..) Keep up the good work! 

You can follow up by sending a message to them via social media and hoping for the best.

Get this work done as early as possible, the research behind each blogger and writer you’re trying to connect with. When your campaign launches there won’t be as much time to do research and build those relationships properly.

Happy Crowdfunding!

ZacBob out.