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Get CUJO! I don’t mean the dog, I mean the device that keeps your home and wifi secure. In little over a week 1600 people have already beat you to the punch and for $49 dollars I understand why. This little device doesn’t just look bad ass, it lives up to it with protection for all devices within your home. Full disclosure, CUJO went through our Crowdfunding Game Plan back in May of 2015. Months before they launched.

So I’m not surprised when I see CUJO on the Indiegogo daily newsletter or currently number 3 on trending now projects for Indiegogo. They took the time to prepare properly, I witnessed CUJO during the building of their campaign give away an Apple Watch in order to rapidly add individuals to their email list. They also had a fantastic email campaign alerting all their future backers or current email list individuals to the build up and eventual launch of their crowdfunding campaign.

They’ve been covered by Fast Company and INC Magazine, very active on social media. They’ve executed our Crowdfunding Game Plan perfectly and some.

Congrats are in order and I feel like a proud father currently but they crushed their crowdfunding goals and my guess is they will continue to roll all the way to 200K!

They also have a great referral program set up currently. What is a referral program? Well when it comes to crowdfunding you should always try to tap into your backers for help. Having them share is simple once you figure out an incentive to get your backers to actually share or go out and spread the word.

Sure they will talk about the new cool project they backed on Indiegogo, but wouldnt it be better if they’re actually out there campaigning for you? Then set up a referral or affiliate program like CUJO has done. Offer your backers a chance to move up on the rewards ladder, or to get money back by getting their friends and family to back.

PS. At least follow their campaign if you dont plan on backing as a case study. Pretty sure a stretch goal will be coming soon.


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