When you wake up in the mornings what is the first thing you do?

If you’re like most people you check your Facebook, maybe a few other social media channels like Snapchat. I can’t help but check my views on Snapchat to see if I’ve hit my personal goal. But after that, I always go to my email and see what I can get knocked out.

Plus people consume emails differently than they would content on social media channels. Not to mention your Facebook fans only see 1-4% of whatever you post. Tweets only last on average 7 minutes on Twitter. So 7 minutes after that tweet about your Kickstarter / Indiegogo launch leave little room for discovery.

Which is why you need to start building your email list! Unlike Facebook posts and tweets, emails sit inside someone’s inbox until they’re read. If you check your phone you will see a big red 1 on your email app indicating someone has sent you an email. Email has consistently over the years been one of the leading marketing mediums for clicks and conversions. Sure you can pay Facebook for more clicks, but sending emails is free.

Plus when you build an email list it’s yours. Yours for however long your subscribers stay subscribed. The more subscribers, the more clicks, the more clicks the more chance at conversions, the more conversions the more backers, the more backers, THE MORE MONEY!

Think about it this way, how many Facebook posts are on your newsfeed currently? It never ends, you can keep scrolling down and you won’t ever find the bottom. How many tweets are in your feed a day? 1000’s? Even if you get 100’s of emails a day what’s more likely of being seen? Just by the numbers, the answer is an email.


Here are 3 ways you can start building your email list.

  1. Add opt-in forms to your website. MailChimp has a pretty simple process in order to ask subscribers to sign up.
  2. Add pop-ups. Pop-ups are those annoying boxes that pop up when you try to leave a website. Yes, they’re annoying but they do work, especially if you team the pop up with an awesome offer or lead magnet.
  3. Offer a lead magnet. Maybe it’s an e-book you have written or a coupon for when your campaign goes live. You can always do the “20% discount on our product by signing up.” The 20% discount will actually be the early bird price and since they’ve signed up for your list they can be the first to back when your campaign goes live taking advantage of the early bird offer. I see a lot of campaigns also offer bundles or host sweepstakes.


Content is a big concern. I recommend building a few emails first. You can draft them and add a header of your choosing. But the most important part of your emails will be the subject line. After all, getting users to open the email is half the battle. Catchy subject lines are always a plus.

You can try the open-ended subject line for example: “Discount on our next product launch inside.” Making the subscriber to at least want to open the email to see how big or what the discount may be.

You can also try “I can’t believe how this your product works”

Practice and get creative with your subject lines. It doesn’t hurt to subscribe to a few lists and see what they’re using to get customers to open their emails.

Hubspot wrote a great article on subject lines you can check out here.

So what content do you send? Anything really, anything that makes your subscribers feel like they’re going to be a part of this launch.

Team photos, customer testimonials, links to your Kickstarter / Indiegogo preview page, ask them to vote on photos for your campaign page, photo a, or photo b.

Tell your story in your emails, how you came up with the idea, how long has it been in the works. Show failed prototypes, funny videos of your team goofing off with the product. All of these are great ideas to get you started.

Always end your email with a call to action to share or check out this etc… Remember to go back and check your open rates and always use trackable links so you know whether or not your copy is converting.

Happy Crowdfunding!

ZacBob out!


Mailchimp (my 1st choice) – https://mailchimp.com/

Aweber – https://www.aweber.com/

Constant Contact – https://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp

Active Campaign – http://www.activecampaign.com/

Convert Kit – https://convertkit.com/