What you will Learn.

  • Why detailed targeting is important
  • How to access detailed targeting
  • Options involved in detailed targeting
  • Better understanding of detailed targeting for crowdfunders

Why should you care about Facebook’s detailed targeting?

Facebook now has over 1 billion users, out of those 1 billion roughly 20% are U.S. users or about 200 million in the U.S. and Canada. Out of those users, the U.S. residents spend roughly 40 minutes a day on Facebook. Meaning…..

Your audience is on Facebook, and yes you can reach them on Facebook!

I know a friend of a friend or even a close personal friend has tried Facebook ads and they didn’t work. Did you ever ask yourself why are they working for everyone else?


If you look at Kickstarter and check out the top funding campaigns, meaning they’re still live and in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, I bet you will find each campaign had success with Facebook advertising.

The Travel Jacket – $9,192,055 Raised

LIV watches – $1,119,029 Raised

G-Ro Luggage – $3,307,773 Raised

The Pebble Watch 2 – $20,338,986 Raised

The Everday Backpack – $2,138,444 Raised (still funding)

I can keep going……..

3 Doodler – $2,344,134 Raised

Noria – $1,468,736 Raised

Trunkster – $1,395,370 Raised

Barracuda – $1,252,222 Raised

PowerUp 3.0 – $1,232,612 Raised

The reason I’m telling you this is because it’s almost a requirement to run paid ads in order to raise over a million on Kickstarter / Indiegogo. In 2016 I have yet to see a campaign break a mil without paid ads.

Yes, there are companies that can help you with your paid ads, but at the same time wouldn’t you at least like to know what you’re discussing in the negotiations? Wouldn’t you at least like to go in there knowing what you’re talking about before hiring a company to handle your baby?

Facebook knows A LOT about us… more than you think. After playing with detailed targeting you will understand just how scary it is that Facebook knows so much. But you will also understand exactly why everyone has been running towards Facebook ads for all these years.

Explaining your detailed targeting options

So where to begin right?

At some point in your ad creation, after you’ve built your campaign and assigned an objective you will get to a screen that looks like this.

Detailed Targeting 1

Custom Audiences:

If you have an email list, custom audiences is for you. You can upload emails, phone numbers, Facebook user ID’s.

You can also build “lookalike” audiences from those very same lists. What is a lookalike audience? Basically you upload an email list of a few thousand and then click create a custom audience, then Facebook will take the list of emails that have a Facebook account and create an audience with similar interests and likes as your current email / customer list.


Location comes in handy, especially if you’re trying to build a list in pre-planning phase of your crowdfunding campaign.

You can run your ads directly at certain countries that have proven to be knowledgeable about the Kickstarter process or have backed crowdfunding campaigns.

Normally I would recommend running ads in countries, states/regions, cities, or postal codes that you plan to ship to. Keep in mind some countries overseas will have cheaper conversion rates. The U.S. tends to have the most expensive conversion rates.

Also be on the look out for countries with click farms. I know they’re not as popular as a few years ago but click farms are still out there and wasting our marketing dollars. Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil all tend to be countries that have click farms.

You can check out a list of countries that most frequently back crowdfunding campaigns below.



If you don’t know your target audience, or your avatar then you can leave this open and constantly shrink the age down throughout the ads campaign to find your target audience. Or if you have a Facebook business page and you’ve had it for awhile and have genuine likes, you can check your audience insights to have an idea of what your target customers age is.


Gender tends to work the same as age. It’s usually easier to run your ads at a certain demographic being male or female. It’s also pretty easy to figure out your target audience is male or female. At the same time remember, women tend to purchase certain gifts for men and men tend to purchase certain gifts for women. So just because you’re selling a men’s watch doesn’t mean you should target just men. You might find some ads respond better with women instead of men.

With that being said, majority of Kickstarter backers are male.


Self-explanatory. If you’re super smart and bi-lingual you could probably make a few ads in your target audience language. Your ad would look killer if you were targeting South Korea and could write in Hangul.

Detailed Targeting. The Meat and Potatoes!

Detailed Targeting

Detailed targeting is broken down into four main categories.

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • More categories…

If you don’t have an email list or customer list and you don’t have any followers then detailed targeting will help you tremendously in building one.

To be honest, you will have to jump into your audiences and play around to find your target demographic. This is where knowing your avatar comes in handy! Or knowing your target market.


Below is just a list of a few of the categories you can search and target with your Facebook ads.


  • Education – Education level, Fields of Study, Schools, In College, Graduate, etc…
  • Ethnic Affinity – African American, Asian, Hispanic, etc…
  • Financial – Income level ($100,000-$150,000), Net worth, etc…
  • Generation – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials, etc…
  • Home – Homeowners, Home type, Household Composition, Renters, First-time buyers, etc….
  • Life events – New job, Recently Engaged, New relationship, etc….
  • Parents – Moms, Big City Moms, Moms with Kids in Grade school, Parents with newborn, etc…
  • Politics – Liberal, Conservative, etc…
  • Relationship – Interested in, Relationship status, etc…
  • Work – Employers, Industry, Job titles, etc…


  • Business & Industry – Advertising, Engineering, Healthcare, Management, etc…
  • Entertainment – Games, Gamers, Xbox, Ps4, Movie interests, TV interests, etc…
  • Family & Relationships – Dating, Fatherhood, Marriage, etc…
  • Fitness & Wellness – Bodybuilding, Meditation, Specific Gyms, etc…
  • Food & Drink – Favorite alcohol, Favorite soda, Favorite restaurant, etc…
  • Hobbies & Activities – Pets, Travel, Vehicles, Acting, Painting, Photography, etc…
  • Shopping & Fashion – Beauty product, Hair products, Clothing Brands, Toys, etc…
  • Sports & Outdoors – Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Football, Basketball, etc…
  • Technology – Tablets, Desktop Computers, Computer hardware, Game consonles, Mobile games, etc…


  • Automotive – New vehicle buyers, New owners, Boat owners etc…
  • B2B – Company size (0-15 employee’s), Industry, etc…
  • Charitable Donations – Animal welfare, Veterans, World relief, Cancer, etc…
  • Digital Activities – Facebook payments, High spenders on Facebook, Event creators, Page Admins, etc…
  • Expats – Expats by country, Australia, Brazil, etc…
  • Financial – Banking, Investments, Spending methods, Lines of credit, etc…
  • Job Role – Corporate executives, Farmers, Bankers, etc…
  • Media – Radio, Types of Television, etc…
  • Mobile Device User – iOs, Android, etc…
  • Purchase Behavior – Clothing, Business, Home & Garden, Pet products, etc…
  • Residential Profiles – Likely to move, New homeowner, etc…
  • Seasonal & Events – Professional Football, Christmas, Ramadan, etc…
  • Travel – Cruises, Commuters, Family vacations, Planning a vacation, Likely to travel, etc…

More Categories

  •  This would be Facebook or Partner Categories. Anything you’ve requested access to.


If you’re planning or preparing to launch a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, chances are you don’t have a big following or an established email list. So that’s why it’s important to start learning Facebook ads now. You can literally spend $10 a day sometimes even less to start educating yourself on Facebook advertising and at the same time, you can build your list!

Real quick tip (I’ll write a blog post on this later) when it comes to running Facebook ads. Always have a goal. Don’t run ads just to run them. Is your goal to send traffic to a landing page? Build leads through Facebook? Or perhaps video views?

I’ve taken the time to put together a short checklist in order for you to get started with Facebook ads and identifying your goal along with who you will be targeting.


QUICK TIP! When you’re targeting your first audience for your Facebook ads campaign, try to keep it under a million.

When running Facebook ads you also want to have a funnel built in order to collect email addresses or to store your leads. You can use an email service provider like MailChimp, Aweber, Convert Kit or Constant Contact in order to manage your leads and emails.

Your funnel should look like this.



  • Facebook ad should be the creative, the image and the call to action.
  • Which would lead to a landing page (place your conversion pixel here) with an offer
    • Remember to provide value to your lead on the landing page.
  • Your offer can be anything from an ebook, discount, coupon, checklist, etc…
  • Collect the email with any of the service providers previously mentioned above.
  • Schedule your follow up emails in advance. PROVIDE VALUE! Always provide value in your emails, asking, asking, asking will get you nowhere.

Good luck, Happy Crowdfunding!

ZacBob Out!