ON todays show we have Adam from the Fred Water Flask. He’s going to explain how the skate and action sports community embraced his company Fred Water and he was able to leverage that community to create his new product on Kickstarter. The Fred Water Flask! Currently over 175K in funding on Kickstarter.

fred water flask


Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Offered gift delivery for the holiday seasons as a reward. Check it out.
  • Simplicity matters
  • Add gold to it!
  • Use humor to communicate around your product and mission.
  • Already had an established email list before running their campaign who has been super responsive.
  • Start building that email list today.
  • Be authentic when it comes to social media. Say something, don’t make up something to say just because.
  • Everything you share or say on social media should add value to your audience.
  • Honor your audience.
  • Use an info-graphic or some means that shows your backers how to pledge.
  • Cross promoting is not spam, get out there and cross promote.
  • Use Tiny URL so you can see where your referral links are coming from.
  • Keep your pledge amounts simple. And remember once you click save and get a backer there’s no removing them.
  • Always leave room to add reward levels later on.
  • Throw everything you can at your campaign in the beginning. Establish that momentum early. DON’T HOLD BACK 


“Make water cooler to carry, and easier to drink!”

What is the one thing you wish you knew going into your campaign?

Adam: I think it’s the pledges, once you get one backer its there, so we have a messy right column and it kind of bothers us. We try to be simple and easy to use but that right column, it probably is actually hurting us at some level. Its just…

ZacBob: Complicated?

Adam: To complicated yeah.

ZacBob: Yea I think when you get a lot of rewards or pledge amounts, it gets a little complicated to remember whenever you get down to the 500 or 600 dollar pledges. You gotta try to remember what was up at $15, or $25, because maybe they don’t got the time or they don’t want to go all the way back up.

Adam: Its confusing and we were going to make a chart in the middle of the page but then its like you have to refer back and forth. So that’s my regret, I would be a little more careful before hitting save on those pledges.

What is the best secret, advice, or tip to give to a crowdfunder listening today hoping to accomplish their own crowdfunding goals?

Adam: Throw out everything you possibly can at the beginning. Like everything. And then just get busy coming up with more value to offer to the backers. But don’t hold back, and at the beginning it’s the Snowball cliché. You got to get that going so throw everything you can at it. So that would be my advice.



Crowdfunding resources/websites & links

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