Can't promote your campaign without a funnel...

DEFINITION: "A sales funnel, also called a purchase funnel, is how a sales proceed in a linear fashion from customer awareness to customer action."

You can't track sales or sign ups without a funnel...
You can't build a list without a funnel...
Paid ads are difficult without a funnel...
Need I go on?

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List Building

Whether it's pre-launch, launch, or post campaign you still need to build your email list. Without a proper email list your campaign could launch to the sound of crickets. If you don't have your list in order or are not building an email list throughout your campaign you're making a huge mistake. How will communicate with your clients and supporters post campaign? How will you rally your supporters for the launch of a second campaign or product? START NOW! 


Are you planning on running paid ads during your campaign? Even the big crowdfunding platforms are lacking in support for Facebook pixels. When I ask how do you plan to promote your campaign and you say Facebook? Well that's going to be a big problem if you plan on tracking the performance of your ads. That's why crowdfunding creators everywhere are building landing pages with redirects to their crowdfunding campaign. For tracking purposes. 

Landing Pages

With the purchase of your funnel you will also recieve a landing page built by our team. What is a landing page you might ask. A landing page is just an extension of your website. As a matter of fact you're reading this on a landing page now! It will still be under your domain, maybe you need a free page to promote or accept sign ups for your future campaign. Or maybe you just need a one pager for your website instead of building a full blown website. All of our landing pages are equipped with tracking codes therefore you can retarget/remarket anyone who lands on your page.

Email Integration

As I mentioned above, ITS ALL IN YOUR LIST! Building an email list is the number one thing everyone should be doing. Time and time again entrepreneurs, small busineses, startups fail to build a list. The most iconic companies have huge lists and email those lists regularly for feedback, surveys, promotion offers etc... Which is why building an email list starts pre-launch and not after your campaign ends. Our funnels all include email integration with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or a service of your choosing. 


All of our landing pages are built on platform. Your landing page will be available for 6 months after your purchase. All you have to do is share the link and start growing your list! 

Email Nurturing

Our standard plan comes with templates and at least 3 emails that will automatically go out once a new subscriber is added to your list. Everything is automated. All you have to do is log in to your Mailchimp, Constant Contact or whomever you choose to store your list and watch the sign ups come pouring in.