We've Assisted over 30,000 Crowdfunding Creators. 

Started in 2010 when Facebook advertising campiagns was a new thing. Then came Kickstarter & Indiegogo in 2013. After interviewing hundreds of creators to find out what they needed, we landed on MORE BACKERS! Since then we've assisted over 30,000 crowdfunding creators with their campaigns and really hit home runs when it comes to paid advertising. 



Getting Started

After you fill out your application you will be contacted for a Skype meeting with our team. During the meeting we will gather all the information we need in order to begin your ads and let you know whether or not there will be a Analysis fee. Afterwards you just sit back and watch the pledges come pouring in. Two weeks after your campaign ends when Kickstater/Indiegogo deliver your funds. You will then pay us a % of the funds we helped raised. Simple! 

Analysis Fee?

So what is the analysis fee? As you know in order to run a advertising campaign it costs a small amount of money. Therefore a small amount of money is needed up front in order to test out your ads on our audiences and lists of crowdfunding backers. The analysis fee varys based on several factors that we like to call "Genius Factor." Is your product geniune, tech oriented, or a great fit for Kickstarter/Indiegogo. Apply now and we will let you know whether an analysis fee is required. 

How it Works

Step 1, Apply now
Step 2, select a time for our team meeting via Skype.
Step 3, fill out the quick questionaire.
Step 4, introductions and team meeting.
Step 5, Sign the contracts. 
Step 6. Let the marketing and promotion begin!
Throughout your campaign you will notice a spike in not only popularity but pledges as well. We also will deliver daily analytics to show exactly how your campaigns ad spend is doing. If at anytime you need to get ahold of us we will be available via Skype! 

How we do it

We will use the information provided about your customers or potential customers from our team meeting to build audiences that are optomized to meet your ideal customer. After approval and our team meeting we will immediately begin marketing for your crowdfunding campaign through all channels that are allowed withing your chosen crowdfunding platform. Facebook Advertisng, Instagram, Influencer marketing are just a few ways we promote your campaign. Real time analytics will be used to constantly adjusts your ads in order to get the best ROI (return on investment). 


Some campaigns are required to pay a Analysis fee. It just depends on the Genius Factor of your product and campaign page. The analysis fee can vary from $1000 - $2500. Afterwards, a agreed upon % of your campaign will be collected at the end of your campaign. 


You can cancel at anytime after the first 7 days. If you cancel before your campaign is funded you will be required to reimburse the ad spend. During the Analysis phase if our ads capmaign cannot produce enough backers or pledges than we will terminate the contract and you will owe us nothing.