What do I mean by “great crowdfunders back successful campaigns?”

Simple, if you’re planning on running a crowdfunding campaign whether it be Kickstarter or Indiegogo. You should probably back a few campaigns on your chosen platform. For a couple of reasons.


The first thing I check when I open a new campaign or I click on a link that was sent to me (happens all the time). Is the funding goal. I don’t even check the price of the object or what it is. I always check the funding goal because I’m curious what this crowdfunder thinks they’re going to raise. But the second thing I check is if this creator has ever backed a campaign. If you have a giant goose egg where it says campaigns backed. Then I’m automatically less inclined to back your campaign.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are both communities. For an entrepreneur or crowdfunder to put their idea out to the world is a very scary thing. Fear of rejection is real people and the fact that you haven’t even backed one campaign seems a bit selfish to me. You can ask for money but you’re not willing to take a shot on a flyer and back their campaign? #SELFISH

I know what you’re saying right about now. What if they use a separate account to back campaigns than the one they used to launch campaigns. Well, I suggest you back some campaigns with that “separate” account. Because I’m not the only one that checks this.

You can simply pay a buck and back a few other campaigns. Are you telling me you don’t have 10 bucks to back 10 campaigns?

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 5.47.02 AM

Image is from GotGeniusGames.com (click the image to be taken to the article)


There are studies out there that show the more crowdfunding campaigns you back, the more your odds of your campaign being a success will go up. Why is that?

Because you learn. You can learn so much from just backing one campaign. By contributing just $1 to a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign you will understand how the system works. Campaign updates are a huge part of running a crowdfunding campaign. You can place more call to actions in your updates, you can place up-sells in your updates. You can even collaborate with other crowdfunding campaigns to drive more traffic in your updates.

You will learn about stretch goals. This is where it gets creative. You can see the various types of stretch goals used for various campaigns. If you’re struggling with coming up with a stretch goal (ALL CAMPAIGNS SHOULD HAVE THEM) then this is your answer.

These are just a few benefits of backing a campaign. If you actually purchase a reward or back at a high enough level you will see the small things Kickstarter & Indiegogo creators do to make you feel that much more special for helping them launch their idea from the get go.

Observe everything! Especially if this is your first time backing a crowdfunding campaign. Back a variety of campaigns and you will become a better Kickstarter creator. Tweet that.

How else do you think I became the CrowdFund Genius? It all started with a dollar.

Happy Crowdfunding

ZacBob out!

Genius Games data on success rates per campaigns backed.