Havok Timepieces is a minimalist watch from the brand Elliot Havok. While Joe is a crowdfunding newbie, Steven has run successful campaigns in the past and his here to explain how they’re getting it done on Kickstarter for their luxury watch for the minimalist.

Havok Timepieces


Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Original goal on kickstarter was to bridge the gap between the price mark ups in the watch industry by offering a product you can wear everyday at a reasonable price.
  • Had a chart/infographic to display the mark up in other watch competitors and where Havok ranks amongst them.
  • Also offered a minimalist wallet bundled with the Havok Watch of your choosing.
  • 4 different styles of watches to choose from.
  • Used backers from previous campaigns to bump their Kickstarter page to the top of popular section on the first day.
  • Launched 8 AM on a Tuesday
  • An article written in INC magazine about Vince, Steven and their use of video for crowdfunding campaigns and the photography that surrounds each Kickstarter campaign.
  • Went to China with some friends to find and meet their manufacturer.
  • When contacting a manufacturer overseas, long term business is what the manufacturer is looking for.
  • Cross promote with campaigns that are near ending so they “Can finish with a bang!”
  • 2000 Facebook followers
  • Always ask for your backers opinion, what do they think of the product, how can you improve it, what do you guys think, etc.… get them involved.

What is the one thing that has been the most helpful, that you’ve learned from Steven?

Joe: The biggest thing I probably learned from Steven is the communication with our backers. I feel like having communication with your backers and making sure they are happy at all times and their there responsive with all their comments and messages. I feel like it makes them (backers) feel like their actually being listened to which is really, really important. Especially since something like this is basically customer service. We take that into very high account.

What is the best secret, advice, or tip to give to a crowdfunder listening today hoping to accomplish their own crowdfunding goals?

Steven: The biggest secret I would say is to never rush. Never rush your launch, This project was scheduled to launch months back. We just decided to keep going and making it perfect, we were going to launch without the wallet add on and without a lot of things. With a different video at the time, and we decided to keep working on it making sure everything is perfect. Once you launch you cant really go back. And preparing for the launch is incredibly, incredibly important. So make sure everything as perfect as can be, exactly how you visioned it.


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