If you read my previous write-up about email marketing then a few of these will be familiar. But for the rest of you, you should check out the post. If you’re not building an email list you’re making a huge mistake. You may not have a prototype, you may not have a price or a team or even your crowdfunding video. But it’s never too soon to start building your list.

All you need is a landing page and a MailChimp account to get started. So here are 10 ways you can start building your email list!

  1. Write a blog. Blogging is not out of style and a great way to help with not only SEO but adding subscribers to your list. Always end each blog post with a call to action and link to sign up for your email list.
  2. Create a lead magnet. Offering lead magnets, or free e-books, or downloadable pdf’s are great ways to start building a list. You can create a graphic that sits on the sidebar of your website. You can end your blog posts with a call to action graphic to snatch your free e-book or pdf.
  3. Website pop-ups. Since you’re already sending traffic to a blog, you might as well add website pop-ups to the list. I would recommend Opt-in monster or Icegram if you’re trying to go the free route. They’re annoying but they get results.
  4.  Offer free shipping. You might already be planning on offering free shipping to your backers. Or perhaps just to your backers in a certain country or territory. If that’s the case great. But you can also offer free shipping to anyone signing up for your newsletter. When you launch and they back just give them a specific code for signing up at the time you were offering free shipping.
  5. Offer a discount. Same here, you can always add the discount or say the discount is the early bird price to drive more traffic on your first day sales. But to be truly transparent its kind of a cop out. So I would recommend again giving them a code at the time they sign up so when they back your campaign you can identify who gets the discount.
  6. Host a giveaway. The first 100 subscribers to my email list will be entered to win a free (insert product name here). Could be your product, could be another product your audience might be interested in. With CUJO, a free apple watch was offered to subscribers for signing up for the list. Apple watch was bigger at the time and hadn’t yet been released. Over 2,000 email subscribers were collected during the giveaway.
  7. Leverage business cards. Frequently visit networking meetups and start collecting business cards. People love business cards and they love handing them to you. Usually there is an email address on the business card so add that to a separate list titled business cards. Don’t expect the same type of results from these as you would people that signed up as a subscriber.
  8. Private Facebook group. It’s all in the name. Whatever you decide to call this Facebook group is what matters. Call it something that has to do with exclusivity so the people within this group feel more important. Don’t just call them beta testers. They get exclusive looks at the building of your campaign along with a discount and special access to you. Mainly they’re your ambassadors.
  9. Start an ambassador program. Brand ambassadors will tweet about, share your product and tell their friends all about how wonderful your product is. All because they truly believe in your product. So how do we find these brand ambassadors? You create them. You have to make your customers feel like they’re about of your mission. A good example would be Yelps elite members. You can create your own elite members with a private FB group that your apart of. Just remember to plan it out. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself.
    1. What are your ambassadors called?
    2. What are your expectations of them?
    3. What will you offer them?
    4. How will you choose them?
    5. Will the program be application or invitation based?
    6. How will you promote the initiative?
    7. How will you measure the success of the initiative?
  10. Post to social media daily. Whatever plan you decide to get subscribers onto your email list. Make sure your posting about it every day and measuring for success. Did that headline work, that tweet? What about that call to action? Or that lead magnet. I find writing what your looking for and documenting the results in one specific notebook for each platform helps.

Building an email list is crucial to a crowdfunding campaigns success. So start now and if you need any assistance along the way you know how to find me.


Happy Crowdfunding

ZacBob out!