Melissa Hawks didn’t follow any Kickstarter guides, or best practices. But Mutiny of Dreamers was funded within two weeks and Melissa taught us a valuable lesson about your audience. Knowing your community is more important than any Kickstarter guide.

Mutiny of Dreamers


Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Chose Kickstarter not just for funding but in order to create a community around her book.
  • Get out and interact with communities. Don’t just be a troll!
  • Also chose Kickstarter because of a hatred for PayPal!
  • Started off with one pledge amount of $11. Needed 960 backers in order to fund the entire campaign.
  • Has a friend in a crowdfunding startup that helped coach after launch of Melissa’s Kickstarter campaign
  • Buddy original said your doing great, but not going to be funded because your campaign is set up wrong.
  • After some advice Melissa added some more pledge amounts and then backers began gifting their pledges that they purchased to other individuals.
  • Melissa is fully aware of the fact that her Crowdfunding / Kickstarter video is not what it was suppose to be. But she knows that there is something to being real and she proved it with her crowdfunding / Kickstarter video.
  • Knowing your community is extremely important and can make up for other areas your lacking in.
  • Tell a story through your Social Media channels.
  • Used mini perks to keep momentum going throughout the crowdfunding campaign.



“I think that’s what it comes down to. When it comes to Kickstarter, read all of the things you want to that someone writes about Kickstarter, you can follow all the plans laid out, you can do it by the book. But if you don’t have a prior community, or you don’t know your community, you may not get funded. Even if you follow all those checklists.”

What is the one thing that you wish you knew when you started your crowdfunding campaign?

Melissa: So the thing I wish I would’ve known is that you have the chance of dying during your Kickstarter campaign. Like the thing that I wasn’t prepared for is that you don’t eat or sleep or anything during your campaign. I think that your very engaged in it. And I was. Like I woke up and I had my computer cord wrapped around my leg, and I had papers, paper cutting my armpit and a pen shoved in my spine. And that was pretty typical for the entire 14 days. I just forgot to eat during it because I was so engaged in it and making sure that things were moving forward and you know where are the numbers at and what’s happening? And at the end of that that I was exhausted and my body was just worn out and I think you should be better prepared going into it, you can plan meals. You can plan times to set your campaign aside or put it in someone else’s hands and walk away. Maybe go exercise for a while or go take a nap. Because you need to do that for your own sanity. So that’s something I wish I would’ve known before hand, how all consuming it is.

What is the best secret, advice, or tip to give to a crowdfunder listening today hoping to accomplish their own crowdfunding goals?

Melissa: I would say two things. Know your audience, like know your community and your audience. Know them before you walk into this. Like know whose on your side, whose in your corner, know whose your ride and die. And then 2, would be tell a story. People are engaged by story. That’s what resonates with them. That is what’s going to get them in your corner and get them to be your advocate and you want them to be your advocate. Because when their your advocate, their going to promote the heck out of your crowdfunding campaign. So tell a story, tell your story, tell your why.

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