• What is a “booster”
  • What is Kickbooster
  • How to set up an affiliate program
  • How to pay your backers for sharing
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Michael Oduro, Michael went to college in Canada and specialized in economics. After school, he started a few real estate projects with some friends which lead to him learning more about development.While building his startup he worked for a telecommunications company that specialized in mobility. Now he’s the founder of which specializes in affiliate marketing for crowdfunding campaigns. Which helps crowdfunding creators run a referral program for their Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns.


  • One thing Michael found amazing about Kickstarter is that when you message the campaign, you’re talking to the actual founder. Where else will you get a chance to speak directly to the founder of a company or product?
  • Your number 1 asset in the entrepreneurial game is networking. Everyone has the ability to put themselves in an area of like minded individuals. Do that.
  • Michael original begin by surrounding himself with like-minded individuals.
  • The number 1 issue with crowdfunding campaigns is how do you get people to come down and take a look at your campaign. So Michael and his partners set out to solve this with
  • Kickbooster started off by first going to their audience and speaking with them, emailing hundreds of campaigns to find the pain points.
  • Another company (BOLD) had caught wind of what Kickbooster was doing and came in and took over the development for Michael. #Networking
  • “Boosters” are your backers or your affiliates who will earn a percentage of whatever they bring in.
    • ex: If you launched a crowdfunding campaign, and you had a backer who had an email list of 1000 people. They share a specialized link provided by Kickbooster to their audience, and whoever pledges from that link will receive a percentage of money based off how much they pledged.

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QUESTION: What is the best way to set up a Kickbooster for maximum results? 

Kickbooster doesn’t market for the individual. You cannot set it and forget it. If you are a campaign owner it is in your best interest to leverage your influence of the people who are already interested in the product that you already have. If you haven’t done the leg work in terms of building out a group of people who are ready to talk about and push your campaign. It makes it difficult for Kickbooster to work. Now we do have individuals or “boosters” on the site who love backing campaigns. But they have to be incentivised. They have to believe in your campaign and if you’re not doing enough to get that campaign out so that boosters are even noticing it. Saying you know hey this is going to be successful. Cause we can only pay out, the same as Kickstarter. If the campaign cannot successful fund, then nobody gets any money. So the key is you have to do your due diligence in terms of marketing.

Get a twitter account, get on Facebook, talk to people on YouTube, bloggers. Let people know what it is that you’re doing and get them excited. As soon as their excited, the best part is you can say hey guess what? Not only am I asking you to hock my campaign on your blog, which a lot of bloggers might roll their eyes and say well what’s in it for me. You can then turn around and say hey look I have a decent twitter following, I’ve built up my Facebook and I’m talking to this marketing company that has some software. That will enable me to be able to pay you commission, for what it is you’re able to bring in as pledges. And if you’re a blogger that have 100,000 people that read your blog every day, that’s a descent check for just writing up a couple of words.

Thats the key, there has to be an involvement from the campaign owner. And they have to do their due dilligence in terms of being able to build up their following and their backers to push them. The people sitting on our network get involved when they see it’s going to make them a lot of money.


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