Matt Ward from Art of the Kickstart is a writer for INC magazine and a crowdfunding guru that hosts his own podcast (2 shows) on crowdfunding. Matts had over a 100 interviews with crowdfunders and creators and currently has his own crowdfunding course on

ATK - Matt

Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Matts interviewed over 100 crowdfunding creators
  • Inventor Syndrome – Invent it and they will come? NOT THE CASE!
  • 2-3 months prep work before you launch a crowdfunding campaign!
  • You cant cold pitch the media; you need to build a relationship.
  • Listen to the show so you can learn a great way to connect with media!
  • Matt shares an excellent idea on how to get your email list excited about your launch!
  • Best campaign of 2014! Rain Forrest Connection.
  • If you run a crowdfunding campaign that fails, then rally those backers and get them pledge on the first day of your 2nd crowdfunding campaign.
  • Take advantage of your FAQ’s on Kickstarter!
  • Email lists, Email lists, EMAIL LISTS!
  • How many updates should you have for your campaign?
  • What types of updates you should do?
  • Also Matt and I go over cross promoting and how you should go about cross promoting with other Kickstarter creators.
  • How many reward levels should you have? 3? 8?
  • How long should your crowdfunding video be?
  • Best crowdfunding videos.
    • Ravioli Rolling Pin Kickstarter video click HERE
    • Bomber Barrel Kickstarter video click HERE
    • Mousr Kickstarter video click HERE
  • If you want to make an awesome crowdfunding campaign, try Michael Bay or some TNT!


What is the one thing that you learned since launching Art of the Kickstart?

Matt: That you have to work at least ten times harder and smarter to accomplish your goal.

What is the best tip or best advice you can give to any crowdfunder listening to this show hoping to accomplish their crowdfunding goal?

Matt: Guys, get off the podcast, stop listening to this, don’t listen to my podcast, just go and do it. And see what the hell happens. Because the only way your ever going to get to see the goals you want is by taking action. No one is going to take action for you, no one is going to change your life except you. So if you got a product go and build it, if you want to create a product go and brainstorm it. Just start taking action, that’s the biggest difference you can make.


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