Spark the watch that keeps you awake went from a $6000 dollar goal and tripled that through the use of stretch goals and a very interesting tactic of simply asking.  You dont know unless you ask and Eddy the founder of Blanc Watches and Spark will share how he went about acquiring more media leads by simply asking.  Listen in for other great crowdfunding and Kickstarter tips.

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Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Stretch goals and how to use them.
  • Raised a total of $23,704 with 419 backers of original $6000 dollar goal.
  • Don’t release all your stretch goals at once and why.
  • Chose Kickstarter because of the security and traffic.
  • More importantly, work on getting your current backers to upgrade to the next level throughout the campaign.
  • You’re probably going to edit your rewards more than once after the campaign has started.
  • Founder and creator was not in the actual crowdfunding video
  • Find a videographer that is passionate about your project.
  • Build your media list early and then develop a relationship with bloggers and writers.
  • Start a month in advance and start re-tweeting media posts, share their articles, comment (this is a cool article etc…)
  • Ask a writer for referrals to other reporters, writers, bloggers, etc…
  • Did not use an actual press release.
  • Don’t just build a media list and then cold email them. Chances are they wont open your email. Instead follow them on social media and use the above steps, share, tweet, re-tweet, etc…
  • If you do a live interview, or you get media attention, don’t forget to tell people how to find your project.
  • Be provocative and don’t just copy someone else’s campaign page or crowdfunding video.

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“As a good example we actually shouldn’t look to our campaign. As a good example we should look to Coolest Cooler, the number 1 most crowd funded campaign of all time. Because he did things really differently.”

What is the one thing you wish you knew going into your campaign?

Eddy: I wish I knew that we were going to get so much interest really. Because we thought we had a cool kind of project, and people were thinking cool because we were creating this as students and doing it during the part time and that it was a unique idea. We didn’t expect it to be something to be taking really seriously and to have surpassed our funding goal so much. If we did, we would’ve done a huge social media campaign in the middle of the (crowdfunding) campaign. Or at least planned for it. But that much is certain. And also we had a chance to go to a I guess a hardware convention at the time. But we didn’t because we thought it was useless, but we should’ve gone to that because it gives you a lot of exposure to buyers and distributors and everything. So, no huge regrets, nothing I will lose sleep over, but it is definitely beneficial too…. This is why again you should listen to other people’s case studies as if you’re a creator and kind of see there experiences.

What is the best secret, advice, or tip to give to a crowdfunder listening today hoping to accomplish their own crowdfunding goals?

Eddy: I guess to make a project that is provocative. Because theirs a difference between just being plain interesting, which most projects on Kickstarter are. And provocative. So what we had as a project name “The Watch that keeps you Awake” was a bit provocative in that first of all people thought we had created a watch that shocks you. But obviously that’s what people thought. That’s what makes it provocative and people want to click on provocative things, but after they click on the project and read through the story and they realize you’re not so crazy. So that’s cool, and that’s really to generate the click through. And once they get to your project and watch the video they think, oh this is actually pretty cool, I might back them. So you just have to get them to that stage. And most people are to afraid to do things a little differently, they create their project pages based on someone else’s, they make their video based on someone else’s. They keep it really plane and I think that’s kind of dumb, because the whole point of Kickstarter is to create something cool and creative. As a good example we actually shouldn’t look to our campaign. As a good example we should look to Coolest Cooler, the number 1 most crowd funded campaign of all time. Because he did things really differently. He created a campaign that failed the first time around and then came back and leveraged his existing users and then look at his project title right? The Coolest Cooler, and he uses cool like six more times in his title and it grabs your attention and its provocative. So that’s what I suggest be provocative and don’t be afraid to be different and people will notice you.

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