Aidan and his partner quit their jobs over the summer to start BitsBox.  They entered a startup accelerator and just weeks after leaving the accelerator they have already doubled their crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.  Not to mention they doubled their crowdfunding goal over the holidays which is not an easy task.  Listen in and find out how Aidan and BitsBox is killing it on Kickstarter.



Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Quit his “day-job” and launched his Kickstarter campaign 6 months later
  • Sent a free gift for the holidays as a special reward for backing. Golden tickets were printed with a 12 page app book sent out as a stocking stuffer.
  • Ran a Kickstarter campaign to ensure people outside their inner circle liked the product as well. Proof of concept!
  • Offered a digital version of the monthly subscription for international backers.
  • Offered tiers for a chance for a thoughtful parent to donate to their child’s classroom. Offered larger reward levels for corporate sponsorship etc…
  • Hired a video production shop in Denver to film the live action of their Kickstarter crowdfunding video.
  • Used Keynote for the motion graphics on their Kickstarter video.
  • PR agency from New York was able to get BitsBox an interview with Tech Crunch.
  • Ran a pre-Kickstarter survey polling if people would pledge at a certain amount.
  • Tech Crunch article had a link to questionnaire mentioned above.
  • Had over 47K in pre-commitments thanks to word of mouth and the Tech Crunch article.
  • Kickstarter Staff picks and popular projects.


“Licking 300 envelopes at 11 o’clock at night is not something I would recommend to anyone. But I have no regrets.”

bitsbox 2

What is the one thing you wish you knew going into your campaign?

Aidan: We will probably need to add more imagery of kids using our product. On the page. It’s a product for kids there’s no pictures of kids anywhere on the page. I think that if we had done that to begin with instead of as a response to all the feedback we have gotten. We’d probably been even more successful than we have been. Featuring your users actually using your product convinces people that it’s a real thing and that it can be successful and its not just vaporware or ideas or sketches or prototypes. That’s the thing I would [probably advise my two week ago self.

What is the best secret, advice, or tip to give to a crowdfunder listening today hoping to accomplish their own crowdfunding goals?

Aidan: Find someone that can write, I wasn’t really into Kickstarter before this. But I’ve started exploring a lot of other projects, some out of curiosity, others out of jealousy to be honest. And its amazing how much text there really is on a lot of these pages. Scotts is a real stickler for brevity, I tend to write a lot more than I think most people read. And his downward pressure on my word count as wielding a page that is pretty slim in terms of words. It communicates what it needs to, but we didn’t drone on and on about things. So I would say write out exactly what you say this page is going to be, wait a few days if you have them. And go back and cut it down by half, cut out half the information and wait to explain things in FAQ’s and updates if you have to. Add things by request instead of proactively and you will actually get people to read bits of your page that are most important instead of just skipping over important things to try and get to the bottom.

Crowdfunding resources and links

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  • Video production shop (Denver) The Lot Click HERE
  • Startup Accelerator Boomtown Click HERE
  • Startup Accelerator Tech Stars Click HERE
  • Schnur Associates (NY)PR firm Click HERE

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