On this episode we have Steven from the Nunchuk. Steven is a fine arts major with a passion for design and fashion turned crowdfunder. Stephen was hoping to raise $3,700 through Kickstarter for the Nunchuk, a small magnetic strap that holds any type of wired headphones together and attaching to your clothing.

the nunchuk




  • Chose Kickstarter because of an amazing sense of community.
  • Believes Kickstarter will be the next revolution of how people purchase products, through community.
  • Original Goal was $3,700. Finished with $10,501. Reached goal midway through the campaign.
  • 4 Pledge amounts, 1 Nunchuk, 2 Nunchuk, 3 Nunchuk and 4 Nunchuks. Another instance of keeping it simple!
  • Pay attention to international shipping! In this case, magnets and international shipping became a huge issue.
  • Crowdfunding Video, explains how to make a video using no talking throughout the video. Also but in quite a bit of comedy into the video. So have fun with it!
  • Hired a local (China) videographer to film video and used Final Cut and iMovie for editing.
  • Manufacture in Asia, ship to a logistics company in the USA.
  • How to cross promote with other Kickstarter campaigns.
  • Hitting and Missing with press releases.
  • Has Kickstarter started favoring video? TV Shows, Movies, Documentary’s and web series?
  • Spent on average $200 on Facebook ads for each campaign.
  • The downside of hiring a PR company.
  • Is it worth it to pay bloggers to write about you?

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What is the one thing you wish you knew going into your campaign?

Steven: Oh My God. Shipping! Logistics! I wish someone told me that it takes this much amount of packing and shipping and stuff like that to ship magnets international. We were right on time, all the USA got theirs on time, but the international people it was super late, like two months. We were soooo apologetic but it was out of our hands and out of control, because it was the post office in their country. And not us, but again to a degree it was still our responsibility of shipping it out, but that’s what I wish.

What is the best secret, advice, or tip to give to a crowdfunder listening today hoping to accomplish their own crowdfunding goals?

Steven: Pay attention to what’s going on, on Kickstarter, look at how other projects update their backers, how they comment, how they have conversations with their own backers. I think that’s really, really important. Its that respect you give to your current backers that really kind of have loyalty and ensure your current success and future successes.

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Crowdfunding resources and websites

  • iMovie
  • Final Cut
  • Remember to find other campaigns similar or along the same lines as your campaign and contact for cross promotion.

Other Links etc…

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  • The Nunchuk Kickstarter campaign Click HERE
  • The Shield Kickstarter campaign Click HERE
  • The Rib Kickstarter campaign Click HERE