Trying out a new blog post today. Aside from listening to podcasts I also frequent YouTube. A lot!

I tend to watch videos or at least have YouTube video’s playing in the background while I work. Are you familiar with the “watch later” playlist? There is sooooo much content on YouTube that can help you grow and scale, or even start your business. In fact, I’m pretty sure any problem you’re having with your website, or with your business another entrepreneur has had. I’m also pretty sure that same problem is probably on YouTube with an answer. You might have to dig for it and search some old videos but more than likely the answer to your problem is right there on YouTube.

So let’s get started with the top 10 videos I watched last week!

1 – “The Right Time to Outsource Work and Staying Motivated”

Run time – 2:47

YouTube ChannelEntrepreneur Magazine

Why I like this video? Outsourcing is a tough thing for entrepreneurs. I know it is for me, to let go of a task to someone you barely know. Often time’s it’s someone you barely know. At the same time, take a look at your future. 3, maybe 5 years from now when your business has 30 employees. Do you see yourself running around writing checks for payroll? What about placing your product in the boxes? Sure, maybe now that is part of your duties. But if you want to scale your business you can’t do everything. It starts with outsourcing.

2 – “The Best Marketers Know How to Track with UTM Codes. Do you?”

Run time – 1:53

YouTube Channel – HubSpot

Why I like this video? Because it’s true! The truth is in the title if you’re working with an agency or a marketer and they’re not tracking links that should be a red flag. UTM’s are one of the easiest things to set up and should take less than 10 seconds after you have your process down. Even developing the process of building UTM’s should only take a few minutes. Google analytics is free, so why not use more free Google tools to track your advertisements and links.

3 – “SEO for Dummies. How to rank in Google.”

Run time – 15:36

YouTube Channel – Lazy Ass Stoner

Why I like this video? The caption on the video says it all. Startups and small businesses pay a fortune to marketing agencies in order to be ranked number 1 in google for 1 specific topic. Some will never reach number 1 because the current company in that 1 spot has too much money or to big a work force to compete with. But either way, it starts with learning how to become number 1 in Google. So take advice from this Lazy Ass Stoner because it’s one of the best breakdowns on SEO.

4 – “Social Media Marketing – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk | Animated Book Review”

Run time – 9:48

YouTube Channel – Fight Mediocrity 

Why I like this video? I’m a huge Gary Vee fan. I’ve read quite a few of his books including “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” This video breaks down Gary’s book perfectly. So again if your an entrepreneur and learning more about marketing I highly recommend this video and his book. 10 minutes of your time to get your social media on the right course. WATCH IT!

ps. combine this strategy with the information Ben Angel is talking about in video 6 and EXECUTE!

5 – “12 Military Mottos for Entrepreneurs”

Run time – 19:15

YouTube Channel – ValueTainment

Why I like this video? Being a veteran we are all taught and follow a series of acronyms and mottos. Any veteran entrepreneur or veteran turned entrepreneur will find some gems and be able to relate to a few of these mottos. But what’s really nice is having someone actually break down how each motto directly relates to your new found path into entrepreneurship. I already believe veterans make the best entrepreneurs, and now with a video like this one we can all see exactly how those old military mottos have helped set us up for success in our civilian life.

6 – “Ushering in a New Era in Marketing. Are you Ready?”

Run time – 11:39

YouTube ChannelEntrepreneur Magazine

Why I like this video? Every entrepreneur is a marketer. If you own a business, invented a product, or provide a service. Nobody will know that unless you tell them what you do. And nobody will know about your services unless you tell them as well! Hence marketing. Online marketing is the way of the future and I’m pretty sure Ben Angel will convince you of that in this video.

7 – “The Cast of “Silicon Valley” Gets a Conference Call from Jian Yang” – Conan

Run time – 1:22

YouTube ChannelTeam Coco

Why I like this video? “No walls in your house.” LMAO. Sorry but if you don’t watch “Silicon Valley” then you might not like this video. “Silicon Valley” is returning next year for their 4th season I believe. I enjoy the show, the comedic relief and I also find the startup side of the show interesting. Being from Oklahoma City you can guess were not like Silicon Valley. Most places aren’t. But from outsiders view it seems everyone in the valley receive funding, have lost millions, or fall into at least one category from the show. If you’re looking for 30 minutes to kill Sunday night I can think of a lot worse tv shows you could be watching!