• How to find press through LinkedIn
  • How to pitch a journalist on LinkedIn
  • An early bird rewards strategy explained
  • The power of an influencer to raise $79K in a day
  • Best tool used by Joanna and the Knix Wear team
  • Why a variety of rewards isn’t always the best option
  • Why an established business would want to launch a new product through crowdfunding

8 in 1 Evolution Bra: The world’s most advanced bra

Amount Raised – $1,105,177

Backers – 13,642


Chief Knixpert Joanna. Noticing that the underwear market had too much frill and not enough function and that you, the customer, were being underserved. KnixWear launched in 2013 with their line of beautiful leak-proof underwear and it’s been an incredible journey ever since. Including a Kickstarter campaign that raised an average of $29K a day for over a month. In the end their Kickstarter broke records and ended with a total of over $1 Million raised.


  • Joanna wanted to create an all in one bra.
  • Knixwear had been creating underwear for over two years before trying their hand at crowdfunding.
  • Took 11 months from the first prototype was in hand until the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.
  • At the last minute Knixwear decided to run the Kickstarter campaign instead of rolling out the Evolution bra through the website.
  • Knixwear also looked at Kickstarter as a way to test the audience with their new product before investing in inventory that no-one would want to buy.
  • Also interesting is the fact that Knixwear has run two previous Kickstarter campaigns that made less than $100K. Persistence.
  • The funding goal of $30,000 was the amount needed to place the manufacturing order.
  • Joanna structured their early bird reward levels based off delivery dates.
    • The first early bird reward level would deliver in January.
    • Then the 2nd early bird reward level would deliver in February.
    • The early bird reward levels were based off when you wanted your item to deliver.
  • Joanna pitched a journalist from mashable via LinkedIn which wrote a blog piece and was then picked up by several other sites.
    • Joanna had never met this writer from mashable before. Instead, she used a LinkedIn “inmail credit” to pitch.
  • Catchy Subject line is the key to get media coverage from a writer.
  • Taylor each pitch for the specific writer and keep it to 5 sentences max.
  • Forbes also wrote about Knixwear which was a direct result from the LinkedIn method.
  • Well in advance of the pitch, Joanna was sharing and connecting with the specific writers via Twitter.
  • George Takei posted an article about Knixwear which resulted in Evolution Bra’s biggest day on Kickstarter. $79,000 day.
  • Try to find newer writers at the publication you’re pitching.
  • Best tool: Google Analytics and LinkedIn were Joanna’s favorite tools throughout the campaign.
  • Immediately after launching an email was sent out to their previous customers and they posted an update on their previous Kickstarter campaigns alerting previous backers to their new campaign
  • ClickTrack was another amazing tool to track their links.
  • The bigger days didn’t come until the press articles went live.
  • By offering so much variety in what their backers could choose, it resulted in 100’s if not 1000’s of options for each individual backer making fulfillment a nightmare. Keep it simple and straight forward as possible.

Evolution Bra

QUESTION: What is the one thing you wish you knew before launching your Kickstarter campaign? 

I wish I would’ve researched more on the fulfillment side of things when it comes to crowdfunding. So we hadn’t done a campaign in like two years. I guess I just assumed things had changed. Especially with Kickstarter, you can only send your backers 1 survey once when it’s over. I wish I kind of would’ve looked into that a little bit more and taken that into consideration when planning the entire campaign. I guess with that I think it’s important that when you’re planning a campaign to look at it from first day launch all the way through last customer product delivered.

QUESTION: What is the best tip for crowdfunders looking to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign? 

I’m going to give two tips!

For the first one, this is something that we always do. We did it before we did our first two campaigns and we did it again before we launched this one. Spend a lot of time on the platform and look at other campaigns that were successful and try to figure out exactly why they were successful. And a lot of the times there’s sort of similarities and use those to shape your campaign if that makes sense. So I’m a big fan in order to be successful kind of look at what other people have done before. Plan your campaign that way.

The other piece of advice I would give is I’m a big fan of using the platform when you’re as close to production as possible. So you’re asking a lot of people to give you money despite unseen. I really think that you have to put the best possible presentation out there in terms of what the product looks like, and everything. Just give a really polished presentation and in doing so you end up doing a lot of the work before the campaign happens. But I think that’s the best way to do it. Because once it starts and once its over you kind of have enough things on your plate. So I’m a believer in doing as much prep work as possible.


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