Peak Design

“The Everyday Backpack, Tote and Sling”  

by Peak Design

Amount Raised – $1,355,391

Backers – 5,805


Peak Design is no stranger to Kickstarter. Once, the highest funded bag on Kickstarter and winner of several design awards their first bag “The Everyday Messenger Bag” raised over 4 million on Kickstarter with over 17,000 backers.

So no surprise here after a few days live on Kickstarter they’ve already raised over a Million. I also noticed they’re using a very well known marketing agency this time around Jellop.

So Everyday Backpack comes in two sizes, the Everyday Tote, and Everyday Sling available in charcoal or ash. Early birds are already sold out (no surprise) so the entry price to get one of these beauties is $125.

So what is the first thing that sticks out?


That’s ridiculously long. At the same time, they crushed a 500,000 crowdfunding goal in just 3 days so what do I know. But for most campaigns, this would be an impossible feat with such a long video. I’m curious what the play through rate of a 5 in a half minute video would be?

On average you receive a 30% play through rate meaning 30% of the viewers watched the video entirely. If you skip ahead to the 1:49 mark and see where the real crowdfunding video begins. While the video is informative to fans of Peak Design and their previous backers, I feel its waaaaayyy too long.

The campaign page itself is also quite lengthy, but I do like the fact that every so often, the folks behind the most funded bag on Kickstarter will place a button that takes you directly to the pledge page. The button reads “Back this project and pre-order the Everday sling”

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.23.45 PM

If your campaign becomes too lengthy with images, infographics, gifs, and all the information you’re relaying to your backers, then this is a great way to place call-to-actions throughout your campaign to remind people what they should be doing. BACKING YOUR CAMPAIGN!


“SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear with Silver”

by Skinners Technology

Amount Raised – $501,386

Backers – 7,346


Basically, Skinners is the greatest sock ever made. How great, so great you can step on broken glass and not receive a scratch.


So the crowdfunding video was great but the main thing besides this individual jumping up and down on broken glass was another video on the campaign page. I’ve stressed time and time again you don’t have to put all your video content into the main “Crowdfunding Video.” Instead, break some of it up, save it for updates, or use it on the campaign page like Skinners did.

Halfway down the page, you will find a video of Skinners in a museum. It’s a great piece of work and editing. For most campaigns, it could single handily serve as your main video. Aside from that let’s not move too far past the fact that this is a sock! A very well marketed sock, but it goes to show you that you can put a new spin on an everyday product that EVERYONE uses!

This campaign page has done a great job demonstrating the variety of colors (the variety of colors could be a shipping nightmare to the average creator) and uses for their product.


Currently Funding on Kickstarter


BACKPAIX: Stylish, Versatile, the Best Backpack for Commuter

by PAIX Design

Amount Raised – $206,852

Backers – 974



Two things jump out at me pretty quickly about the campaign. 1 thing is their use of BackerClub. I’ve heard mixed signals since they’ve come onto the podcast for one of our resources episodes. Regardless of what you’ve been told it’s pretty much risk-free to try BackerClub that’s why I’m such a fan. You spend roughly $379 to place your campaign on BackerClub (they have up sales) and then you’re only charged after your campaign has received a total of $379 in pledges from members of BackerClub.

So to test this out,

Number 2, they’ve gone with Funded.Today! There are approximately two big players when it comes to paid advertising for crowdfunding campaigns. Funded.Today and Jellop. Agency 2.0 is on the rise but currently these are your options.

Also, BackPAIX is made completely of recyclable material and is 100% waterproof. Not bad for an everday commuter.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.12.53 PM

The Quarter Century Backpack: a 25 Year Guarantee

by Manuel Rappard

Amount Raised – $100,650

Backers – 536


Video was under 2 minutes, 1:31 to be exact. The video was quite enjoyable, did it make me want to purchase a Quarter Century Backpack? YES!

And who can beat a 25 YEAR GUARANTEE! I’ve never seen this type of guarantee given before on a Kickstarter campaign.

We’re so confident in the quality of these bags that we’re offering them with a 25-year warranty (it’s not called the Quarter Century Collection for nothing). If anything happens to your bags, send them back and we’ll repair it or replace it – that’s a promise!

It doesn’t state whether or not you will be charged for sending in a return or repair, or what happens if this company isn’t even around in 25 years. But what do you got to lose? Its a small risk considering you will now have your one and only backpack for the next 25 years. You have to wonder how this will do for business when they come out with new and exciting products. A person like myself might say no thanks, im good for the next 25 years.

Anytime you can offer a guarantee that just adds to your credibility to deliver and to deliver a nice product. There have been times I’ve backed a campaign or product on Kickstarter / Indiegogo thinking it would be one thing but when it arrives it’s completely different! (lesser quality). But I don’t see that happening here.

6 different colors are available, I’m partial to the military olive green, they also linked to their high-res photos in the event that press or a blog wants to cover their campaign.


Continuum Bag: The Best Carry on for One Bag Travel

by Jeremy Chrysler

Amount Raised – $68,075

Backers – 591


Continuum is suppose to be the “all in one travel bag.” Meaning you no longer need two bags for your flight, one that you can fit in the overhead and another smashed down by your feet. Since Continuum isn’t equipped with wheels

Since Continuum isn’t equipped with wheels you have a few different ways to carry him… Or her? You can carry with a sling harness like a messenger or computer bag, or you can open up the second strap and carry Continuum just like a backpack. All though it is a rather large backpack. But if you’re looking to literally carry everything with you and not check any luggage at the airport then this would be perfect.

Backpacking across Europe? This is the type of bag you would take with you!

If you were fortunate enough to back Continuum before they sold out of early birds you will be pleased to know you will be receiving your bag in September. Just a few short months compared to the typical 8-16 month wait for your Kickstarter project to deliver. This is always an awesome strategy if you have a little money and can purchase more prototypes to giveaway. It’s always great to reward your early adopters with something other than a swag bag or a company t-shirt.

Continuum’s video didn’t make me super excited, maybe it was the background music or lack of “up close and personal shots” but what they lacked in the video they made up for with gifs and infographics spread across their campaign page. They do a great job in spacing out their text and images so that the Kickstarter page flows from section to section always giving you just enough information to not overwhelm you.

Marlon Travel

Marlon: Connected, Compression Carry on

by Marlon Travel

Amount Raised – $76,051

Backers – 275


First, the crowdfunding video was LOOOONGGGG. Okay, it wasn’t that long, not even half as long as “The Everyday Backpack” featured on this list. But due to lack of creativity with the video it felt like forever. Yes they showcased the features, yes the showcased the product, but something about the video just made it drag on forever.

Another missed opportunity is the campaign has a button to refer your friends and win a free Marlon. After numerous attempts, this button is a false! It only links back to their press kit. Hopefully, a founder or campaign manager of Marlon will read this blog post and either remove the image/button or update with a proper link.

Now for the good stuff, I love Marlon care! What is Marlon Care? Marlon Care is like Apple Care, basically you have an upsell at the end of the campaign of $50 in order to get a lifetime warranty. This is something all creators could use for their products and crowdfunding campaigns.

Welcome to Marlon Care. Marlon Care is a first of its kind warranty program in the luggage industry. Simply enroll in the lifetime protection program for $50 and at any time for any reason receive a replacement Marlon, not a single question asked. It covers every single thing that can and does happen to luggage from frequent use and aggressive baggage handling, including broken handles, wheels, zippers, and spoiled fabric.

Also wanted to point out that Marlon is a client of Funded.Today,, and BackerClub. All of whom been mentioned in this post. KickBooster is just an affiliate platform, so if you wanted to get your backers to share and be rewarded for finding you backers!


Currently Funding on Kickstarter